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Dear “Black Lives Matter” Time To Stand Up For Youths Massacred By Nigerian Army

Dear Black Lives Matter Time To Stand Up For Youths Massacred By Nigerian Army

It is with a heavy heart that we report the heartless massacre of hundreds of Nigerian youths, by the Fulani-controlled Nigerian army, on Tuesday, 20th, October 2020.

All the youths were asking for was justice, in a country where the Police uses excessive force and extra-judicial killings to target and eliminate them, just because they have no one to protect them.

The Nigerian youths used the #EndSars hashtag to promote their protest for many days, and occupied the Lekki toll gate in Lagos, among other places in the country.


The peaceful protesters were still chanting and preparing to retire for the night, on Tuesday, when men of the Nigerian army, rolled up in gun trucks and started to shoot at the protesters. The Lagos state government also turned off the street lights so that the protesters could not see where the soldiers were shooting from.

Where do we even start from to report this evil? I am weak to my bones. And I have lost all hope.

As a platform that is concerned with the freedom and liberty of black people everywhere in the world, we are passionately calling on our brothers and sisters in the “Black Lives Matter” Movement to stand up and defend their kits and kin in Nigeria.

Yes, you might not be able to raise arms against the Nigerian government that is now at war with its citizens, but your protests and support online can go a long way.


This time it is not the white man killing the Black man. No. It is the Black politicians in a foreign-sponsored Nepotistic Nigerian government, killing its own citizens, who only demanded justice and true governance.

As we write this, we are heartbroken, and might not be able to cover all the details of the protest. Please pardon us. A simple search on Google will give you all the facts you need.

The various tweets and pictures below, will tell our story, and why we need all Black people worldwide to stand up and come to the aid of the hopeless Nigerian youths, dying at the hands of the Nigerian police and military.

We stood with “Black Lives Matter” when George Floyd was murdered because he was one of us. Now please stand up and protest with us.


To follow the entire story on Twitter, visit the hashtags #lekkimassacre #lekkitollgate #lekkigenocide #endsars #endpolicebrutalityInNigeria


We will bring you more information as the story unfolds. But in the mean time, please share this to as many Black people as you can.

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