Detroit Teen Suspended For Barbing In School Bathroom Gets Apprenticeship Offer From Citys Top Barber

Detroit Teen Suspended For Barbing In School Bathroom, Gets Apprenticeship Offer From City’s Top Barber


After his business zeal placed him on the Renaissance High School suspension list, a Detroit youngster may be well on his way to becoming an A-list barber.

During study hall, Cameron Tucker was caught using one of the school’s bathrooms as his workshop to trim the hair of his classmates. “In the middle of doing that, the teacher walked in, glared at us for about 45 seconds, and then walked out,” Cameron revealed to Fox 2 Detroit about the Nov. 11 event.


As a result, Cassandra Young, Cameron’s mother, received a call from the school asking her to bring up her son. According to WJBK-TV FOX2 Detroit, an administrator said in a recorded message, “We need someone to come take up Cameron, he’s running a barbershop out of the third-floor restroom.” “There’s hair all over the floor, and there’s a line in there.” He’s got his entire barbershop setup in there, just like in the movie ‘Barbershop.’

The aspiring barber was unable to evade punishment, and administrators praised him for his abilities and perseverance. ‘All the administrators were like, ‘I respect the hustle and things like that,’ when we were walking to the office and everything,’ he recalled.

Cameron purchased his first pair of clippers this summer in order to save money on haircuts. He even received some advice from his uncle. He developed a liking for cutting hair for friends and family as a result of this.

Sebastian Jackson, CEO and founder of Detroit’s best barbershop The Social Club Grooming Co., even extended an apprenticeship invitation to the 16-year-old. Sebastian told the teenager, “You have gotten so proficient at your craft in such a short period of time.” Sebastian’s Barbershop has two facilities in the Detroit region, where former NBA player Jalen Rose and rapper Big Sean are regular customers.

“Just based on the hustle, if you’re interested in apprenticing with one of our cosmetologists or myself, that’s absolutely an opportunity,” Sebastian added. Strangers on the internet have praised the teen’s safe method of earning money.

“Awesome. I wouldn’t be offended… Total admiration for the hustle. But try it outside of the classroom… [laughing emoji]”

“What a heartwarming tale!” I wish this wonderful young man nothing but the best in his life!” “Congratulations to this young man,” and “Props to this young man.”

Cameron says “lesson learned” when it comes to future hair-cutting plans on campus. The adolescent, on the other hand, can apply to enroll in a cosmetology program at Detroit Public Schools, which would let him to earn credits toward a cosmetology license, putting him on the road to opening his own barbershop.







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