Did You know Kanye Wests Father Ray West was a Black Panther member

Did You know Kanye West’s Father Ray West was a Black Panther member?


He wants to keep out of the spotlight and only does interviews on rare occasions. Ray West, Kanye West’s father, has lived in the Dominican Republic for years, where he has established the Good Water Foundation to aid victims of prostitution and corruption. Despite the dangers he faces on a daily basis in a region plagued by crime and earthquakes, Ray is committed to his cause.

Ray and his son have grown closer over the years, even though they don’t have the same closeness as Kanye and his mother Donda. Kanye has been outspoken about his tight relationship with his mother, complimenting her in songs and accompanying her on red carpets. Kanye was severely touched by his mother’s abrupt death following cosmetic surgery because of their tight bond. Despite the fact that he was raised mostly by his mother, the rapper would reveal in his lyrics that his father had always supplied for him, despite financial difficulties. Ray was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 and had to return to the United States for treatment.


He attended recording sessions for his son’s album, Ye, during that time. The rapper even invited him to appear in a music video with Kim Kardashian called “Follow God.”

“It took me 42 years to discover that my father was my best friend,” Kanye stated of his father, who has worked in a variety of fields over the years. Everything you need to know about Ray is listed below:

He was a member of the Black Panther Party

Ray West was a member of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 1970s before leaving to pursue a profession as a photojournalist when Kanye was born. He worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the 1980s and was recognized for his work, which includes a portrait of poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, photos of President Ronald Reagan, and photos of civil rights campaigner Rev. Ralph David Abernathy.

Ray had a variety of odd jobs in addition to his photographic business. He was a paparazzo, a store owner, and a Christian marital counselor, among other things. He would subsequently quit his job in the media to devote his time to charity. In an interview with Kanye, Ray claimed that he went into a homeless shelter “not because he was homeless, but because he wanted to help the ex-drug users, he wanted to get that close.”

He split up with Kanye’s mother when he was a child

Ray divorced Donda in 1980 when they realized they were having trouble getting along. Donda and Kanye relocated to Chicago after their divorce. Ray chose to remain in Atlanta. During his school years, Kanye lived with his mother in Chicago and spent his summer holidays with his father. In an interview, Kanye revealed that his father had financial difficulties at times.

He added, “I recall him being in vacuum cleaner sales.” “I recall certain days we’d go for a ride and he’d have vacuum cleaners in the back, and we’d be going up a hill and the car would come to a halt. And I just see him and think to myself, ‘Not today.’ Today is not the day.’

He was irritated by Kanye’s support for Trump

Kanye recently startled fans around the world by publicly endorsing Donald Trump, widely regarded as the most controversial president in American history. Kanye has even stated that he will vote for Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The rapper’s father was opposed to the concept and tried to persuade him otherwise. In an interview, Kanye stated, “He conveyed that he felt that some of the policies were harmful.” “And that I am a person who does not seek to hurt people and never does so on purpose. I used the example of having a cousin who is in prison for doing something wrong and still loves him, so I don’t base my love for someone on whether they do something good or bad.”

He influenced Kanye’s aesthetic perspective on the world

Kanye spent his childhood summer vacations with his father. He inherited his father’s ingenuity and artistic talent throughout time. The rapper and fashion designer admits that his father influenced his style and musical creativity.

Kanye West’s music has been influenced by him

There’s no questioning Kanye’s openness about his love for his mother, who inspired him to name his latest album after her. He still loves his father and has even made references to him in some of his songs. In his son’s song “Father Stretch My Hands,” Ray’s life and tribulations are portrayed. The song’s lyrics contain the following:

I’m going, I’m going, ay ay, I’m going up in the morning, and I’m missing you terribly.

Sorry for not returning your call.

My father had the same issue.

He had all of his time, all of his resources, all of his resources.

What he dreamed about

The market crashed, and he lost all of his money.

People get divorced for hurting him badly. Dropping some stacked pops is good.

In Hollywood, momma gets a pass.








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