Eric Holder Convicted Of Murder In Shooting Death Of Rapper Nipsey Hussle – They Pay One Of Us To Kill One Of Us

Eric Holder Convicted Of Murder In Shooting Death Of Rapper Nipsey Hussle – They Pay One Of Us To Kill One Of Us

According to CBS News, the man accused of fatally shooting the Eritrean-American rapper Nipsey Hussle was convicted guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday.  Eric Holder’s conviction came three years after the Grammy-nominated rapper was shot multiple times outside his Marathon Clothing store in his South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood.

After more than five hours of discussion, the jury delivered their decision on Wednesday. According to The Associated Press, Holder was also charged with two counts of attempting to commit first-degree murder after firing rounds that hit two spectators. He was, nevertheless, found guilty on two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter by the jury.

Prosecutors informed the court at the beginning of Holder’s trial in June that his acts were deliberate and planned. John McKinney, a deputy district attorney, said Holder knew he was going to kill the rapper. Hussle, real name Ermias Asghedom, received at least ten shots, according to McKinney, who also said that Holder kicked Hussle in the head before departing the scene.

When Nipsey Hussle learned that Holder was a snitch, according to McKinney, the two men got into a fight. According to McKinney, the late rapper wanted to “clear it up,” as reported by The Associated Press. Additionally, the prosecutor claimed that Holder, Hussle, and two of his buddies had a “nice talk” prior to the shooting. Hussle was said to be without any security when he went to his store. 

However, Aaron Jansen, Holder’s lawyer, refuted this claim throughout the trial. He stated that “heated passion” was the cause.

Holder was assaulted by prisoners last week, according to CBS News, just before his conviction. Holder was allegedly attacked by “several individuals” while in a detention cell, according to Jansen. He allegedly came under razor attack. After the event, Holder was brought to a hospital where, according to Jansen, he received an MRI and had the back of his head stapled.






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