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Family Of British Rapper, Chris Kaba, Questions Why London Police Took So Long To Suspend Officer Who Fatally Shot Him

Family Of British Rapper, Chris Kaba, Questions Why London Police Took So Long To Suspend Officer Who Fatally Shot Him

The British police officer who fatally shot a rapper in London while the victim was unarmed has been placed on administrative leave. According to his loved ones, it has taken far too long for authorities to release him from duty.

Wembley-born rapper Chris Kaba was killed on September 5 at 10 p.m. in Streatham Hill, South London, in a shooting that police are said to have been involved in. The officer who killed the young man only needed to fire one shot. Scotland Yard has since removed the officer responsible for shooting the artists from active duty. MSN reports that the new Met Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, suspended the officer within hours of his initial suspension amid civil protest.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has begun its criminal homicide investigation in addition to the suspension and Rowley’s pledge to restore public trust in the police. Once it was established that the 24-year-old Black man who was shot was unarmed, the investigation began.


According to the results of the organization’s canvassing of the crime screen area, “no non-police issue firearm has been recovered from the vehicle or the scene,” confirming that the musician was unarmed.

The family feels that law enforcement is treating this investigation with “no urgency.”

Jefferson Bosela, Kaba’s cousin, said the officer involved in the homicide investigation should have been suspended immediately.

We appreciate the decision, but to be completely forthright, I believe he should have been suspended from there the moment a criminal investigation was opened, as he explained to the BBC. It took four days to get a criminal investigation opened at our request, and another two to suspend the officer.


So, it appears there is no sense of urgency in their handling of this quite tragic matter, as the cousin put it.

In a statement released in light of the investigation, the mayor expressed his “deepest sympathies to Chris Kaba’s family, friends, and loved ones as they struggle to accept the loss of a young life.”

“I fully understand the serious issues and impact of Chris’s death on Black Londoners across our city, and the anger, pain, and fear it has caused, along with the desire for justice and change.”

A large group of people marched peacefully through the streets this past weekend to demand justice for 67, a member of the drill rap group based in the United Kingdom.


They said, “We are devastated; we need answers, and we need accountability,” in a statement released by Kaba’s family. Concerns have been raised that Chris’s life may have been spared if he were not black, as stated by Pinkvilla.

According to Bosela, the family also wants the police body cam footage to be made public. They would also like to know how long the investigation into the death of their relative, who was due to become a father in the coming months, is expected to take.

According to Bosela, “We want the footage to be shown to the family in order for them to have a clear understanding of what happened.”

Notable rapper Stormzy showed up at the protest and encouraged the crowd, saying, “Keep going, the family needs you.”


He urged everyone to “have stamina” by saying as much.

It’s a tough thing to say, Stormzy admits. To get justice and find the truth, “no one should have to have stamina.”

It has been reported that Kaba was driving down a residential street in his Audi when he was surrounded by two police cars in Kirkstall Gardens.

The IOPC claims that the armed police officers pursued the artist because his vehicle was linked to a firearms crime days earlier using an automatic number plate recognition camera.


During a candlelight vigil on the street where the artist was shot and killed, the family learned that the officer had been suspended.

His mother reportedly asked, “Chris, what were you saying in your last minutes?” at the vigil. Please, if you have a moment, I beg you to talk to me. Heartbreaking, Bosela went on.

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