Fans Slam NFL For Plans To Return Tim While Kaepernick Is Still Being Sidelined

Fans Slam NFL For Plans To Return Tim, While Kaepernick Is Still Being Sidelined

Due to a recent move by the NFL to return Tim Tebow to the league, fans of Colin Kaepernick have expressed their displeasure on social media. They are calling out the NFL, saying it is hypocrisy, to continue to marginalize and punish Colin, while bringing back Tim.

When the news of Tim’s return to the NFL was released, many of the league fans questions why he was given a second chance, and Kaepernick, who is 33, is still being blackballed by the NFL.

Kaepernick has been away from the NFL since 2017 because of his signature kneeling during the national anthem before every game. He did that to raise awareness about and against police brutality against Black people in America.

He knelt and fought for Justice, and white America fought back, and persecuted him for daring to speak. The then President, Donald Trump, and other right-wing politicians called for his head. They labeled his actions as disrespectful and unpatriotic, and asked the NFL to take disciplinary actions against him.

As his fans and other NFL fans are speaking up against his continued blackballing, others have insisted that the situation of Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick are entirely different, and should not be placed in the same bracket. Although according to Fox Sports, many of the fans have said that Colin is not being treated fairly.

Chris Canty, a retired NFL player said that “Tim Tebow’s situation is clearly one where he has a relationship with Urban Meyer [Jaguars head coach], that is why he is getting an opportunity…”

“I don’t think we can start casting Tim Tebow in the same bucket with Colin Kaepernick in terms of those situations being the same, they’re not. Kap [Kaepernick] is not in the league because the NFL thought he was bad for business. He was polarizing in his method.

“They were wrong then and you could say continue to be wrong in not giving him an opportunity to be a part of the NFL when he is clearly one of the 64 best quarterbacks in the world. I think Colin Kaepernick is more of a value [than Tebow] to an NFL team.”

Below are some of the tweets and reactions from social media users and fans of the NFL who called out the NFL for injustice:





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