FBI Has Joined The Search For Missing Black 14-Year-Old Jashyah Moore

FBI Has Joined The Search For Missing Black 14-Year-Old Jashyah Moore


The FBI and the New Jersey State Police have joined the continuing search for a Missing Black 14-Year-Old Jashyah Moore who vanished last month. JaShyah Moore, 14, was last seen on October 14 at Poppie’s Deli Store on Central Avenue in East Orange, New Jersey, according to authorities.

JaShyah went to the U.S. Food Market on Central Avenue that day to buy orange juice and paper towels, but her mother stated she misplaced the family’s EBT card.


Jamie Moore, her mother, told PIX 11 News, “I immediately said, ‘Backtrack your steps.’”

When JaShyah didn’t return within an hour, Jamie looked for her in many delis on Central Avenue. She later reported the adolescent, who does not own a smartphone, missing to the authorities.

Jamie stated, “Nothing would keep her away from me.” “Nothing could keep her from seeing her younger brother. She’s also a really bright young lady. She was not planning on staying out all night. She wouldn’t want me to be concerned.”

According to the outlet, JaShyah was scheduled to testify before a grand jury in a domestic abuse case involving her stepfather, Jamie’s husband, and an East Orange police officer from last year.

Yolanda Moore, the teenager’s aunt, said WPIX, “I watched him punch my niece twice in the face.” “And he’s in his thirties.” He’s also rather tall and quite large.”

“It’s really convenient and coincidence that my niece goes missing a couple weeks later,” she continued.

According to a cashier at the supermarket where JaShyah was last seen, she was accompanied by a male who paid for her groceries.

Prosecutors in Essex County previously stated that the domestic violence prosecution against JaShyah’s stepfather and her disappearance are unconnected.

“The defendant is facing charges of domestic abuse,” Essex County Public Information Officer Katherine Carter said in a statement. “We are aware that the daughter’s mother has reported her missing. The matter of the missing person is being handled by East Orange city officials. The domestic violence incident and the missing person’s status do not appear to be connected at this time, but law enforcement is keeping an eye on it.”

On Friday, more than two weeks after JaShyah vanished, the state police department and the FBI revealed their involvement in the case (Oct. 29). JaShyah’s family has posted “missing” posters with her face on social media, expressing their dissatisfaction with the lack of media coverage.

“Do you understand that my niece is a Black, Afro-Latina girl?” PIX 11 was told by Yolanda. “There’s a lot of, I would say, neglect of Black little girls when you’re in a downtrodden place like East Orange.”

On Twitter, the family created a poster for JaShyah, which you can see here.

“You understand, my niece is a Black, Afro-Latina girl?”

There’s a lot of disregarding of Black little girls when you’re in a disenfranchised place like East Orange.”

—Yolanda M.#JaShyahMoore, 14, went missing after going to the store two weeks ago.

#Missing #BlackAndMissing pic.twitter.com/YsHwdLWLhy #Missing #BlackAndMissing

— A’Dorian Murray-Thomas (@ADorian4Newark) Newark Public School Board, October 29, 2021







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