Fem Tech Company Owned By A Black Woman Wins 15 Million Investment

Fem-Tech Company Owned By A Black Woman Wins $15 Million Investment

Fem Tech Company Owned By A Black Woman Wins 15 Million Investment 1

Ruby love, a pacesetter in the period apparel industry and a fem-tech and e-commerce apparel company which was formerly known as Pantyprop has announced a $5million deal, obtained from the $300 million global investment company; The Craftory.

Following a press release from the company, there will be an initial A series funding of $8 million. “A technological breakthrough in this space was long overdue and brands like Ruby Love, led by inspiring entrepreneurs like Crystal, are essential for the development of a more open, progressive society,” said Olivia Cramer, Deal Crafter at The Craftory.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the next stage of Ruby Love’s growth and look forward to working with Crystal Etienne as the business continues to grow and innovate;” She added.

Ruby love was founded by the gorgeous, smart, multitasking, African-American, mother of two, Crystal Etienne in 2015. She has since proven to be an industry disruptor extraordinaire, as her company made an impressive $300,000 within its first year. This has since increased to over $10 million in sales by its third year.

Ruby Love is gradually becoming a household name for meeting a need through record-breaking innovations that all it’s brand products offer.

It is the first company to launch period panties and swim wears with in-built technology that provides optimum protection from leaks and stains.

Etienne founded Ruby Love with the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going. Her smart design includes an in-built absorbent organic cotton liner, which has been perfectly angled to collect your period flow without giving rooms for leaks and stains.

This means you can go about your usual activities on a period day, as though it were any other day.

Besides the period panties and swimwear, other products from Ruby Love include leak-proof undergarments, active wears, bathing suits, lounge wears and boxer briefs.

They also offer educational materials to young girls and women alongside their first-period kit and subsequent monthly period kit.

This is to encourage families to openly communicate about periods and puberty as well as inform young female teenagers and women while helping them embrace and accept their periods and other changes that come with maturity.

These products are healthy and environmentally friendly enhancements of the regular feminine hygiene products as they are reusable, washable and double padded. This saves cost and results in fewer wastes.

Crystal Etienne in a statement said: “I knew my preference was to wear a form of protection for my period without the insertion of a foreign object and my pad sticking out, yet I also wanted to feel as if I weren’t wearing anything. I knew there had to be a way to accomplish protection, comfort, and discretion. I did not want people to settle for products that were designed decades ago or stress over the embarrassment of leaks and stained clothes.”

Crystal Etienne
Crystal Etienne

She started out with only $25,000 and single-handedly sourced, packed and delivered orders for months. In Etienne’s words “My journey began in the basement of my home, searching for the best functional fabrics, most absorbent materials, and a design that was comparable to your favorite brand of undergarments.”

“I then developed the smart and intuitive technology that offers a built-in absorbent organic cotton liner, which is featured in each apparel product we provide. It is perfectly angled to collect your flow, offering maximum absorption and protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion.” She added.

She also acknowledges the support she got from thousands of women in her journey.  “I was able to gain the support of thousands of women, who wanted the same product I envisioned prior to creating Ruby Love.” She said.

Ruby Love
Photo from Ruby Love Gallary

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