Footage Of White Man Scolding His Wife For Racially Abusing a Black Couple Goes Viral

Footage Of White Man Scolding His Wife For Racially Abusing a Black Couple Goes Viral

On social media, a video of a White woman being chastised by her husband for allegedly pestering a Black couple at a petrol station has gone viral.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred a few months ago, and the Black couple recorded the altercation. Though the circumstances surrounding the claimed verbal argument between the White woman and the Black pair were not revealed, the White guy appeared noticeably angered by his wife’s conduct.

The White male can be heard in the video screaming at his partner and telling her to get into a car. While the Black couple watches from a distance, they have a heated dispute.

The White man is overheard saying his wife, “You don’t know him, you don’t know her.” “Get in the car, f**k you.” The White woman, on the other hand, is obstinate and refuses to get into the van. Meanwhile, the Black woman can be heard laughing at the White woman and ordering her to get in the car as they continue to dispute.

“You don’t know anyone around here, and you’re not unique.” “Get your stupid a** in the car!” continues the White man, yelling at his wife.

The White woman then accuses the Black man of being a drug dealer. Her spouse, on the other hand, shuts her down, saying, “No, he’s not.” “Why? He asks his partner, “Because he’s driving a f***ing Buick?”

Later, the woman walks away, and her partner apologizes to the Black couple. Before the video cuts, they can also be seen giggling at the drug peddling allegations.

The Black woman told TMZ about the encounter, “We felt really racially profiled.” “I mean, we can’t even get gas?” says the narrator.

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