Free At Last Zimbabwe Finally Pays Off 33 Million Dollars Debt To Eskom

Free At Last! Zimbabwe Finally Pays Off $33 Million Debt To Eskom

Zimbabwe has paid off all its debts to Eskom and is now in a position to negotiate for a new deal, the country’s Minister of Energy, Fortune Chasi, tweeted earlier this week on 30th March. Eskom is South Africa’s electricity public utility established in 1923.

Eskom in the past threatened to cut off electricity supplies to Zimbabwe after its debt reached $33 million. In August 2019 a deal was reached for partial payments of $890 000 per week towards the settlement of the debt. 

“Hard to believe but ESCOM (ESKOM) has, in fact now been paid off. Eskom was paid the last US$890,000.00 for imports during this week. This means ZESA can now negotiate for additional supplies if available,” tweeted the minister.

He added that “attention now turns to HCB of Mozambique which at one time was owed US$51m”.  
HCB is a reference to Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa, a hydroelectric power producer. 
Eskom spokesperson, Sikonathi Mantshantsha confirmed the development. He said Zimbabwe had settled its historical obligations. 

“Eskom can confirm that Zimbabwe’s historical has been settled. ZESA’s account is now current. Eskom is highly appreciative of the current leadership of ZESA, particularly the late Patrick Chivaura, whose integrity and sense of duty led to this great position in which this account is current for the first time in decades,” said Mantshantsha.

This news comes at a time in the world, when many have written off Zimbabwe, as a country, and as a people. Zimbabwe is a victim of western (European and America) ungodly sanctions, for the simple fact that they fought for their rights, and took back their lands from Europeans. Ever since Late President Mugabe took lands away from the Europeans in Zimbabwe, the whole caucasian world declared an economic war on Zimbabwe, crippling their economy and rendering their currency useless.

As things unfold, and time passes, we hope that Zimbabwe will recover from the draconian blockades and sanctions imposed on them by the various European monetary organisations and governments. Africa will take back her continent one day – we shall overcome.






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