Georgia Man To Sue Police After Suffering 40 Bites From K 9 In Wrongful Arrest

Georgia Man To Sue Police After Suffering 40 Bites From K-9 In Wrongful Arrest

A Georgia man intends to sue police after being assaulted by a K-9 after his wife called 911 for a mental health crisis.

The Alpharetta Police Department responded to Travis Moya’s home in July after his wife, Kami Moya, and stepson reported that he was pacing back and forth in the house, grunting and punching his car. Kami expressed concern about his mental health, but dispatchers classified the call as a domestic violence complaint.

Police body-worn camera footage shows a restrained Travis falling to the ground surrounded by three officers. A third officer was in charge of a police dog, which tore into the man’s skin, leaving him with 40 bite wounds all over his body. He also had a concussion.

“It was terrible to record my husband being attacked while also trying to document and care,” said Kami Moya, who could be heard screaming and crying on the video. “It was the most terrible event I had ever had.” There were bits of his arm that were gone; he is missing pieces of his arm.”

According to police, the officer let the dog loose on Travis Moya because he was violent. They claimed Moya began to remove his jacket and moved down the driveway with his fists balled in the direction of the K-9 officer.

According to the use-of-force report, the K-9 officer told Moya that he had “a K9 partner in my truck, and if he stepped up on me, I would release the K9, and he would be bit.”

Moya is walking toward the front of his house with his jacket half off when a cop drives up.

“Hey, man, relax. It’s OK. “We’re just here to assist,” the officer explained.

“I’m not sure what he took, but he’s not his regular self.” He’s exhaling heavily…” Before she could finish, Kami Moya was interrupted by Travis, who yelled down the driveway. After that, the officer warned the suspect about the K-9.

Officers also stated that the dog became attached to Moya because he “continued to not place his hands behind his back.”

Moya was charged with felony obstruction after failing to obey officer directions. Before being lodged into the Fulton County Jail, he was taken to the hospital. However, on June 29, local prosecutors dismissed the allegations.

“The whole thing has been traumatic.” “It’s touched myself, my family, and a wide range of things,” Travis Moya explained.

Moya and his attorney are now demanding that the officers compensate for the damage they have caused. According to his counsel, the incident cost him all of his mobility and job options.

“All too often, an individual’s character is assassinated, and charges are withdrawn or dismissed months or years later.” But the damage has already been done to Mr. Moya,” Moya’s counsel argued.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart stated that the charges against Moya were filed solely to “cover the horrible behavior of the officer involved in this event.”

“We all saw from the video that Mr. Moya did nothing to be prosecuted and that he was the victim of excessive force,” Stewart stated during the press conference. “In circumstances of excessive force, the simplest method to conceal it is to file these unneeded and fraudulent charges against someone.” That’s the simplest approach to conceal poor behavior.”






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