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Georgia Sheriff Who Groped The Breasts Of Black Judge At Event Charged With Sexual Battery

Georgia Sheriff Who Groped The Breasts Of Black Judge Charged With Sexual Battery

A Georgia sheriff has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly grabbing the breast of respected former judge Glenda Hatchett. Prosecutors told WSB-TV that the incident occurred at a sheriff’s convention at the start of the year. Kris Coody, the former sheriff of Bleckley County, is at the center of the dispute.

Former DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown observed the alleged event. Brown stated he had to physically intervene after witnessing Coody’s alleged behavior. Brown also stated that he is troubled by memories of the alleged encounter.

Brown claimed Hatchett was invited to the function, and the groping incident happened when he was introducing the former judge to sheriffs. Coody allegedly groped Hatchett after he turned his head away from them during a conversation, according to Brown.


“I noticed his hand slide down on her left breast as I turned to my left to focus back on the two of them,” Brown claimed. “I grabbed his arm and yanked it off of her chest, saying, ‘What do you (adjective) think you’re doing?’ and that was pretty much the end of it.”

Brown claimed the alleged occurrence enraged him to the point where, after throwing Coody’s hand off Hatchett’s chest, his first instinct was to take additional action. “I was obviously upset since she was my guest,” Brown explained. “Obviously insane.” He was clearly intoxicated.”

Hatchett reportedly informed Brown that the episode stunned her. “She had a rough time of it after that,” Brown said WSB-TV, adding that he walked Hatchett out of the room and gave Coody his peace of mind the next day.

Hatchett consented to being identified as the victim because she wanted her story to be told. “She’s very passionate about sharing her story at some point in time, if for no other reason than to help the hundreds of women out there who may have been victims of sexual assault at some point in their lives but have been reluctant to speak up,” Brown said.


Coody said in a statement after turning himself in that he takes the allegations against him seriously and that he will not violate his legal commitments. Despite saying it would be inappropriate to contact Hatchett, the accused former sheriff emphasized his intention to apologize personally at the appropriate moment.

“I felt compelled to say something now that the issue had been made public.” “It’s not sealed,” Brown explained. “Because she’s a lot stronger now, the judge had no problem with it being unsealed.”

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