Ghana Priest Caught Kissing Female Students During Church Service Sparks Anger

Ghana Priest Caught Kissing Female Students During Church Service Sparks Anger

An investigation has been opened by the Anglican Church in Ghana into allegations that one of its priests forcibly kissed female students at a teacher training college. The priest kisses three female students during church service at St. Monica’s College of Education in the Ashanti area, according to a distressing video that has been circulating on social media.

In the video, the priest, who has been identified as Obeng Larbi, is seen kissing the women on the lips one after the other while the congregation shouts. The event occurred on Sunday at the campus, according to reports.

According to Starr FM in Ghana, a female student at the college said that school administrators were seeking the student who recorded and uploaded the video. According to the anonymous student, the priest kissed the students as a “sign of thanks.” The girl did not specify what the priest was expressing gratitude for.

The student stated, “The priest in the video kissing the students didn’t know we were going to post the footage.”

“We were agitated by the scenario, which is why we were shouting. It’s the first time he’s done something like this. He kissed the school chaplain before kissing each of the three female Bible readers.

The Anglican Church of Ghana issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the act. “The Church is saddened by the news and wishes to state expressly that a thorough investigation has been instituted into the matter and that the action of the said Priest would be dealt with in accordance with the norms and values of the Anglican Communion, where morality is highly revered in the Church,” the church said in a statement signed by George Dawson-Ahmoah, the executive director.

Meanwhile, all efforts are being taken to engage the pupils in question through counseling sessions in order to prevent any psychological concerns that may occur as a result of the viral video, according to the statement.

The viral video has also enraged social media users. One user wrote, “Reverend Father accepting holy kiss from kids of St Monica’s institution of education, Ghana wow.”

“I’m disgusted and disgusted. Another person inquired, “How is this occurring at educational institutions?”






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