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Haitian-Born New York Cop Sues His Superiors Over Racism & Bullying, Says They Routinely Mock His Accent

Haitian Born New York Cop Sues His Superiors Over Racism & Bullying Says They Routinely Mock His Accent

Following charges that his white supervisors bullied him and his coworkers in the Times Square Command, a Haitian-born New York police officer is suing them.

Officer Steeve Juillet filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court in June, alleging that his supervisor, Sgt. James Fills, insulted his accent and compared him to a homeless person while assigning him punitive work tasks such as transporting convicts, according to the New York Daily News.

According to the Daily News, tasks like these make it more difficult for officers to reach their arrest and summons quotas. According to Juillet, he was then given biased job evaluations as a result of this.


According to court documents obtained by the site, Sgt. Sasa Maric advised cops not to ask Juillet for directions because “he does not speak English” in a 2017 incident. Maric is also accused of pointing to homeless persons and saying, “There goes Juillet.”

Juillet also claimed that he was effectively punished for responding to a report about a guy attempting to leap from a building. Sgt. Maric, he claims, was enraged at having to make a report on the incident. Later, he was posted to a foot post. According to the lawsuit, this generally happened to minority cops who broke the regulations.

John Scola, Julliet’s lawyer, feels that “most discrimination complaints are a form of bullying” and that “bullying is rampant in the Times Square Command, particularly among Black officers.”

According to the petition, Sgt. Fills tormented another officer, who then shot himself at his apartment in April. The officer, who was not recognized, confided in Juillet before taking his own life the next day, according to Juillet. According to Juillet’s claim, Sgt. Miguel Brand, a Times Square supervising officer, requested an end to the bullying during roll call the next morning.


The New York Police Department opened an internal inquiry to see if the white police officer committed suicide as a result of the alleged bullying. Investigators have yet to offer evidence that the late officer was really bullied, according to a representative for the department.

The 10-year veteran, on the other hand, refuted such assertions, claiming that after being asked about his coworker’s death, he was ordered to attend a departmental psychiatric assessment due to his emotional state. He was eventually cleared and reassigned to full duty.

Despite this, Juillet believes the department is pursuing retaliation for his outspokenness. “But now everyone knows what they did to me,” he told reporters. Naturally, no one will want to say anything.” “They’re terrified they’ll do the same thing to them,” he continued.

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