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Harvard Genetics Professor: Africans Are The Only “Pure Humans”, Other Races Have Neanderthal DNA

Harvard Genetics Professor Africans Are The Only Pure Humans Other Races Have Neanderthal DNA

The genetic makeup and dominance of the African man, among other races of the earth, has been one topic that always gets heated debates from various circles of religion, science, archaeology, and geography.

Many argue that Africans are not superior to other races, citing verses of white-supremacists science, which claims Africans are sub-humans. But many who stand on the side of truthful science, have maintained that Africans are the only pure humans, while the rest have Neanderthal DNA.

One such person who stands on the side of truthful science is a caucasian researcher, a genetics professor at Harvard. His name is Dr. David Emil Reich. He and his colleagues analyzed the genetic variants of 846 non-African people, another 175 people who reside in sub-Saharan Africa, and a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal man, and their findings were amazing.


They discovered that nine genetic variants found in humans possess specific traits that are present in Neanderthals. These same variants in genes are known to be responsible for a couple of diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, lupus, optic disk size, Type-2 diabetes, and biliary cirrhosis.

Dr. David Emil Reich and his team of researchers also discovered that the Neanderthal DNA influences the development of keratin filaments. The findings show that Neanderthals possess more keratin filaments which makes their skin tougher, as opposed to humans with low Keratin filaments. This phenomenon enables the Neanderthal to live and thrive in harsh and cold climates; and this particular DNA and its properties were beneficial to the humans who inherited them, and their survival in such climates.

Despite the controversy this study has raised, it is important to note that a separate group of scientists from the University of Washington, carried out a study on the same subject matter, and discovered the same results. Their names are Dr. Benjamin Vernot and Dr. Joshua Akey, and they analyzed the genetic makeup of 379 Europeans and 286 East Asians.

According to the two scientists from the University of Washington, the European and Asian genes contained Neanderthal skin genes. They also noted that the rest of the genes are not compatible with the human genome and that these genes eventually go extinct. They stated that the most prominent human genome where the Neanderthal DNA is missing is that which controls and affects speech and language.


When speaking about their research, Dr. Reich, from Harvard, said that the goal of their work is to fully understand how this DNA biologically impacts the flow and interaction between Human and Neanderthal DNA. He went further to state that the research will also help scientists identify the genes that have been preserved, and those that have been rejected through the process of natural selection.

In conclusion,

We understand that this topic is a very sentimental one as we live in a world that has divided in various forms along race lines.

We believe that this is a study that various circles around the world should accept for the truth it reveals, and begin now to purge the world of the white-supremacists agendas and propaganda, expounded by Euro-centric scientists and leaders of thought for centuries.


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