History Of Sex Farms and Exploitation Of The Bodies Of Africans During Slavery In The United States

White enslavers tested the fertility of enslaved women to ensure that they could have as many children as possible. White enslavers would secretly impregnate enslaved women, and once the child was born and old enough to work in the fields, they would take the “very same children (of their) own blood and make slaves out of them,” as the National Humanities Center Resource Toolbox on Slaveholders’ Sexual Abuse of Slaves points out.

It was customary for enslaved  Africans to be sexually subservient to their masters, even if they were men with enslaved males. It was part of the enslaved man’s role to be used as an “animated tool,” a pleasure instrument.3. 

Enslaved males underwent their first inspection when they became 15 years old–or even younger in some situations. Boys with underdeveloped testicles had their testicles castrated and sold or used on the farm. Every year, each enslaved male was supposed to impregnate 12 enslaved females. For five years, the men were utilized for breeding. According to the Slave Narratives, one enslaved man named Burt had almost 200 children.

Plantation owners insisted that girls begin having children at the age of 13 to fight the high rate of death among the enslaved. Enslaved women are required to have four or five children before the age of twenty. According to John Simkin’s book Slavery in the United States, plantation owners promised enslaved women freedom if they bore 15 children.

If an enslaved woman was thought to be “pretty,” she would be purchased by the plantation owner and given special treatment in the house, but she would also be subjected to horrifying cruelty by the master’s wife, including the beheading of a child because he was the result of an enslaved-master affair.

The plantation owner would frequently entertain his friends by forcing the enslaved Blacks to participate in orgies, which involved many people having sex in front of them. And the debauchery was frequently shared by white men.

Enslaved women were forced to have intercourse with their captors, yet this was seen as a favor by their enslavers. White men frequently claimed that they were doing Black women a favor by preventing them from having sex with animalistic and vicious Black men.

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