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Hospital Steals Black Woman’s Baby And Gives To White Family – Told Black Mother That The Baby Died



Hospital Steals Black Womans Baby And Gives To White Family Told Black Mother That The Baby Died

It is sometimes very surprising the evil the human heart conceives and perpetuates. Some stories will leave you wondering if there is any soul in the people you are principal actors in a crime. I mean, how can you take a woman’s baby away, and give to another parent, from an entirely different race, and give her a container with ashes for her own baby?

A black mother who gave birth to a daughter, on September 6th, 2017, was told by the hospital that her baby died. Three years after that incident, she is now asking to know the truth after discovering that her daughter had an open adoption with a white woman.

The woman, Damea Morris, shared her storie on Facebook, in the second week of August, 2020, and it went viral.

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In her story, she said that she gave birth to her daughter at home. During the process of labor and delivery, the baby’s father ran out to fetch help. He came home with another woman who helped her until the paramedics got to their house.

She said the woman had told her that she could not breastfeed her baby, because she was not breathing. Although she didn’t believe the woman, because she was not a doctor.

Damea continued, saying that when the paramedics arrived, they cut the umbilical cord, and at that instant, her baby started to cry. So, they carried Damea and her baby, Raela to St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.

But on arriving at the hospital, the doctors allegedly confirmed to Damea, that her baby was dead. And even after they confirmed the baby’s passing, they did not produce a death certificate for her dead baby.

Damea, said that she continued to press legally for the hospital to issue her the death certificate of her baby, and in the process, she learned that her daughter had an open adoption with a white woman named Joanna Lentner.


A report on Daily Dot has a detailed story of how the Lentner family got Damea’s daughter.


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