How Minnesota White Man Stalked This Interracial Couple And Rammed Stolen SUV Into Their Home

How Minnesota White Man Stalked An Interracial Couple And Rammed Stolen SUV Into Their Home

In an alleged racially motivated crime, Aman of Cold Spring, Minnesota, has been charged with following an interracial couple and smashing a stolen SUV into their home. The vehicle drove onto Andrea and Phillipe Robinson’s front porch, destroying the side of their house, as seen by their security camera.

Benton Beyer, the accused stalker, allegedly stole the vehicle and dumped it in front of the Robinsons’ home after putting a large piece of granite on the accelerator, according to the police. Inside the car, authorities discovered a teddy bear in a noose. According to the Robinsons, the individual has been tracking and harassing them for quite some time.

Andrea, who is White, told CBS, “I’m still in shock.” “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Every day, I walk out here and believe it’s all a nightmare.” Phillipe is currently concerned about his family’s safety. He wondered aloud, “How am I supposed to feel safe?” “I understand why my wife and children don’t want to stay here.”

According to CBS, Andrea had a restraining order on Beyer at the time of the attack. The police had received 18 reports of Beyer stalking the couple two months before to the event. Phillipe, who is Black, remarked, “He’s stepped it up.” “He progressed from breaking windows to firing at cameras, to knowing my wife’s routine well enough to follow her to the grocery store.”

According to CBS, the couple said things became worse after they hung a Black Lives Matter banner in their yard and released a video about racism in their children’s school. The Robinsons were concerned that the cops were not paying attention to the situation.

Andrea explained, “We were left here with our neighbors with no police protection and a man who effectively wanted to kill our family.”

Beyer was detained recently after a neighbor reported him. He appeared in court on Tuesday after being charged with felony charges of auto theft, stalking, and property damage.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Phillipe have raised more than $15,000 through an internet fundraising campaign to fix their property and cover any legal costs.





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