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How Nipsey Hussle’s Puma Apparel And Sneakers Sold Out In One Day

How Nipsey Hussles Puma Apparel And Sneakers Sold Out In One Day

In a post humus recognition of rapper Nipsey Hussle, PUMA released a 19-piece collection. The collection tagged PUMA x TMC (The Marathon Continues) was sold out in one day.

The collection is the result of a partnership between Puma and Nipsey Hussle, who was part of the design when he was still alive. The collection has colorful designs, checkered patterns, palm tree based images, with different customized branding.

Puma has said that the total net proceeds from the sales of the collection will be funneled directly into Nipsey’s foundation, the Neighborhood “Nip” Foundation. According to their Instagram post, they believe that that would be what a visionary like Nipsey Hussle would want.


Nipsey was an amazing human who was determined to encourage and help people who had been living uncomfortable lives because of the neighborhood they were from.

He was focused on giving hope to people whom the economy of their region had browbeaten into sadness. His foundation was set up to bring a new lease of life to folks in Los Angeles and other areas like that where people were suffering.

He was a man who stepped in front of others and cleared the way for them to go through. He did this across various fields such as education, entrepreneurship, employment, innovation, self-development, and technology.

More information on the Puma x TMC collection can be found at


Nipsey Hussle was and is still an inspiration to Black men the world over. His legacy will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those who he inspired.

He was not any regular rapper. He was in a class of his own, following the footsteps of Black men and women, who have stood up for the Black community in America, and also extended his ties back home to Africa.

Nipsey will really be missed.

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