How Ohio Police Killed Black Man Jayland Walker, Reportedly Shot Him 60 Times

How Ohio Police Killed Jayland Walker, Reportedly Shot Him 60 Times

Following demonstrations over the police shooting death of Black man Jayland Walker, authorities in downtown Akron, Ohio, imposed a 9 p.m. curfew and called off a significant July 4 event on Monday. Officers’ body camera footage of the shooting on June 27 was made public by the police on Sunday. Following their “peaceful” march, protesters received praise from the mayor, Dan Horrigan.

The protests, however, “were no longer peaceful as night fell and more began to join,” he added in a statement. “Downtown Akron sustained considerable property damage.”

The mayor claimed that small businesses all along Main Street had suffered damage. Horrigan announced the curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., saying, “In light of the damage that has occurred and in order to preserve peace in our community, I have declared a state of emergency, issued a curfew, and canceled the fireworks which were set for tonight.” He declared that the curfew would last until further notice.

Walker was shot in the early hours of June 27 after jumping out of his car and running away, according to officials. Eight police officers who were involved are now on administrative leave.

According to the police, when Walker’s automobile was initially stopped for an unidentified traffic infraction at around 2:30 in the morning, the officers pursued him onto a highway. According to a statement from the police, “during the pursuit, authorities reported a handgun being discharged from the suspect car.”

After some time, they claimed, Walker’s car slowed down; he exited it and fled. According to the police, they pursued him into a neighboring parking lot.

The statement read, “Actions by the suspect made the officers to think he represented a fatal threat to them.” Officers fired their weapons in reaction to the threat, striking the suspect.

Walker passed away in the shooting’s parking lot. According to autopsy documents, police shot the 25-year-old more than 90 times, impacting his body more than 60 times, Bobby DiCello, one of the family’s attorneys, told The Washington Post.

Over 60 wounds were discovered on Walker’s body, according to Police Chief Steve Mylett, who added that more research is needed to determine exactly how many bullets the cops shot and how many times Walker was struck.

Walker’s back seemed to be toward the officers when they fired at him, according to a body camera video that was made public on Sunday. Walker was still on the ground when one officer could be heard ordering his other cops to stop firing. When the officers began shooting, authorities discovered a gun in Walker’s car but not on his person.

DiCello said on Sunday, “How it came to this with a pursuit is beyond me. He continued, “I hope we remember that Jayland was unarmed when he sprinted across that parking lot. Walker was not a criminal, according to his relatives. His fiancee had died in a car accident in May and was grieving, they added.

Authorities are looking into the incident right now.

“Murder. Point blank,” the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) president Derrick Johnson said in reference to the slaying.

“This Black man was killed … for a possible traffic violation. This doesn’t happen to white people in America,” he added.






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