Human Hair Of Enslaved Africans Discovered In 200-Year-Old Chair By Furniture Restorer

‘Human Hair’ Of Enslaved Africans Discovered In 200-Year-Old Chair By Furniture Restorer


A furniture fixer uploaded frightening images of a 200-year-old chair that he claims is stuffed with slaves’ hair.

He posted a heartbreaking video to social media, claiming that the chair was ordered by a “very wealthy family” from North Georgia.


 He says “This is not propaganda, and I want everyone to see it. This particular chair is over 200 years old. This 200-year-old chair is believed to have originated in north Georgia. This chair is being restored. What we’re going to do is make this chair appear brand new.”

He films the chair, which he claims is wrapped in thin white cotton covering. But, when he delves inside the padding, he explains that the chair is hiding a dreadful secret.

“But I want you to know that I truly asked and went into detail about it, rather than just assuming. I’d like for you to view this. Usually, you load old decrepit seats like this with everything you can get your hands on.

“Cotton appears to be present in this one. This is cotton that has been handpicked and sat on for almost 200 years. And it’s simply dreadful. However, because it is built of solid wood, it will survive a long time. I’d like for you to see this, he said as he lifted the threadbare cotton.

He elaborated: “It’s made of human hair. This is human hair in its purest form. Consider how many slaves it took to make this seat out of human hair. It’s the entire seat; the entire interior is made of human hair. It’s human hair, not horse or cow hair, as they generally do, nor pig or horsehair. This is slave hair, which is real human hair. Consider the number of slaves required to stuff this chair with human hair.”

He pulls tufts of black, curly hair from the seat, showing the back and cushion area coated in strands, which the camera captures.

The cameraman went on to say: “Many of them are now packed with horse and whatever else you can find. This, however, came from a very affluent family in north Georgia. They’ve decided to maintain this chair because of its historical and personal worth to their family.

“Consider how many persons, or how many people, it took to fill this chair with this much hair. How much hair do you have? I want you to remember that when you stand up for your flag and everything else, and you’ll know you’re a true American today. How many people did it take to cut and put this chair together? Consider this. That’s a lot.”

The disturbing film was uploaded on YouTube in 2016 under the name Lion Fatal, and it can be viewed here. The video has been seen over 50,000 times and is captioned: “At work, I’m refurbishing a 200-year-old chair. Cotton and slave hair padding. (Usually, you’ll see a horse or a goat, but not this time.)”

However, it has suddenly resurfaced, having been shared by TikToker Karahbura Nebjari on Monday and receiving over 400,000 views. The filling has elicited shock and terror reactions, with some arguing it belongs in a museum.

“They should keep the chair just like this and place it in a museum so it depicts the actual atrocity of slavery and all the horrors it holds,” Reckless Bliss said in response to the TikTok video.

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“Send it off for DNA testing,” he wrote in an attempt to track down the slave’s forebears.

“Take the hair off and bury it,” Rose Jones said.

Bforbeatrice expressed her thoughts as follows: “It’s difficult to imagine touching something like this. It’s about the emotion, the politics, and the abuse behind it…”

“I’m feeling ill. This kind of knowledge is difficult to come by, but it is vital, “Leahverre made a remark.

“And that’s just one chair,” Christa Washington added.

Michelle Dickert had the following thought: “Thank you for displaying it. I can’t imagine how tough it was for you to see and touch that, much less talk about it with us. I’m sick to my stomach with sadness.”

Therealmelaninhim went on to say: “It isn’t worth restoring. It should be left in that state, and people should force it to see things as they are… cruel!”

Lion Fatal was contacted by Newsweek for comment.







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