Hungarian Scholarships For International Students without IELTS

Hungarian Scholarships For International Students without IELTS
Hungarian Scholarships For International Students without IELTS

One of the things now in hot demand is Hungarian Scholarships for International Students. It is easy to see why that is.

Hungary is a destination with some of the world’s top universities so students around the world see a fully-funded scholarship to study there as a sweet bargain.

Now, Hungarian university scholarships are open for all the major degree programs like Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Further, Hungary’s government offers fully-funded scholarships to international students to study these programs. Another positive thing is you do not need an IELTS score to qualify.

Also, Hungary offers more than 5000 scholarships. Hungary is much cheaper than other European countries too.  In addition, most Hungarian universities charge no application fees for admissions and scholarships. 

However, before applying, ensure you have all the necessary documents to apply. To illustrate, some examples are a recommendation letter, personal statement, application letter, and letter of motivation for the scholarship.

So here we will discuss all you need to know about fully-funded Hungarian scholarship programs like the Hungarian Government scholarship program. This program supports international students with scholarships with no need for IELTS results. Read on to learn more.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Country: Hungary
  • Degree Level: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees
  • Financial coverage: Fully-funded

To summarize, the Hungarian scholarship is a fully-funded opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to complete their education at no cost.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Fully paid tuition fees for BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees.
  • A monthly stipend 
  • Full accommodation is provided. However, if there is a lack of vacancy, a sum of HUF 40 000 a month will be given to cover accommodation costs.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • A round-trip airline ticket (note: it is not obligatory that they will give you this).
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List of Hungarian Government Scholarships without IELTS

  1. The Hungarian Government Scholarship (or Stipendium Hungaricum)
  2. Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship
  3. Bilateral State Scholarships
  4. Erasmus+
  6. EEA Grants Scholarships

Hungarian Government Scholarship (Stipendium Hungaricum)

This scholarship is Hungary’s Government fully-funded scholarship program. Each year, they award 5 000 scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. 

Furthermore, they won’t ask for IELTS scores. 

CEEPUS Scholarship in Hungary

The CEEPUS Scholarship Program is another one of the top scholarship programs in Hungary. Furthermore, the Central European University (CEEPUS) awards it to both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying there.

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship is a program that offers scholarships to Hungarian students in the diaspora. Its purpose is to give students in the Hungarian diaspora an opportunity to become intimate with Hungarian history, culture, and heritage.

Further, it offers choices to learn a variety of higher education programs taught at top Hungarian universities.

Bilateral State Scholarships

These scholarships are those created by cooperative agreements signed between Hungary and another country to aid diplomacy and scientific and educational progress.

You can check if your country is one of those that have such an agreement with Hungary here.

List of Universities in the Hungary Scholarships for International Students Without IELTS

Several Hungarian universities do not require applicants to take English Language tests like the IELTS. So if you want to know more, see our list below

  • University of Debrecen
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • University of Pécs
  • University of West Hungary
  • Óbuda University
  • Semmelweis University
  • Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  • University of Miskolc
  • Szent István University
  • University of Szeged
  • Central European University
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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Hungary is a great destination for students because of its high quality of life, low costs of living and excellent institutions. So it is a great place to study at.


There are many fully-funded scholarships you can apply for to study in Hungary.  For instance, the Stipendium Hungaricum is one of these that is fully funded which we discuss in our article.


Yes, there is. Applicants for the undergraduate program must be between the ages of 18-22. Furthermore, applicants applying for the Master’s and PhD programs must not be older than 35 and 40 years old respectively.


No, it is not necessary depending on the university you are applying to. So we have a list of universities that don’t require IELTS in our article you can consider.

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