Ice Cube Has Walked Away from $9 Million Movie Project Due to Its Vakcine Mandate

Ice Cube Has Walked Away from $9 Million Movie Project Due to Its Vakcine Mandate


Ice Cube’s latest film, “Oh Hell No,” will have to carry on without him after the rapper-turned-actor responded similarly when requested to take the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the production’s vaccine obligation.

According to unnamed individuals close to the matter, Cube refused to comply with producers’ desire to be vaccinated, and as a result, walked away from a rumored $ 9 million payout.


O’Shea Jackson, the creator of the “Friday” franchise, was slated to star with comic Jack Black, who is still set to be engaged with the picture, albeit he is temporarily out due to an injury from a previous project. Production was supposed to begin in December, but the company is scrambling to find a successor for Cube, so it may have to be pushed back.

The rapper’s stated anti-vax stance drew largely two types of responses. One side portrays anti-vaxxers as pro-choice, while the other claims that vaccines protect not just the individual but also those around him.

On Twitter, one critic stated, “There is no room in the sector for voices that would allow harm to the broader population.” “Being unvaccinated sends a clear message to those who look up to him, given the number of followers he has.”

“I don’t see the problem with his refusing to get vaccinated….his that’s choice, as long as you’re not out here parading around without a mask on, I couldn’t care less,” retorted another. “By refusing to get vaccinated, he is not speaking out against vaccines.”

I don’t see why he shouldn’t get vaccinated….it’s his choice, and I couldn’t care less if he wasn’t out there prancing around without a mask on. He isn’t protesting immunizations by refusing to obtain one…

Brandon Gladney (@BthaTrader1) (@BthaTrader1) (@BthaTrader1) (@BthaTrader1) 29th of October, 2021

In the past, the former NWA member has called for various types of protection against the fatal illness. According to the entertainment outlet, he gifted 2,000 face masks to Bacone College in Oklahoma in August.

The “You Can Do It” emcee released a series of “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” branded T-shirts picturing himself in a mask during the previous COVID-lockdowns. The project was done in collaboration with Black Out, a manufacturer. According to reports, the earnings were given to frontline health personnel.

This is the 52-year-second old’s project she has abandoned since the outbreak began. Cube was supposed to star in the boxing film “Flint Strong,” but he’s no longer involved, according to reports. The reason for his departure has yet to be established.







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