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Illinois Police Allows K-9 to Attack And Latch onto Black Teen’s Leg for 5 Minutes During Traffic Stop

Illinois Police Allows K9 to Attack And Latch onto Black Teens Leg for 5 Minutes During Traffic Stop

After being attacked by a Granite City police dog during a traffic stop on Monday, an Illinois adolescent is recovering at home. The officers had to tase the dog when it became entangled on the teen’s leg and refused to let go.

“I ain’t never yelled like that in my life,” Devondrea Williams told KMOV after being bitten by the animal.

Williams was in a vehicle with his cousin when they were pulled over by police around 2:30 a.m. on Monday. Williams was unaware of why they were being stopped and claimed authorities failed to provide an explanation. According to police, they stopped the vehicle because someone had been involved in a brawl. Williams’ cousin, who was driving, confirmed that he had been involved in a fight. Williams was in the truck’s back seat.


Police questioned Williams for his information and told him to get out of the truck, according to Williams. Williams claims that an officer grabbed his arm and three other officers slammed him against the truck before he could do much.

“And then I see the dog out of the corner of my eye, and the dog bites me,” Williams explained. The teen claimed the dog bit him four or five times.

Regeana Canada, who lives near the scene of the event, observed police lights and used her phone to record the encounter. She claimed the dog had been clinging to Williams for at least eight minutes. The recording of the incident shows several instructions for the dog to release Williams.

The dog had to be tased in the end, but only after many minutes of latching onto Williams, who had injuries to his leg and hand. “Did they have to tase the dog?” inquired the perplexed young man. “Shouldn’t your dog listen to you if you have a K9?”


No one was arrested as a result of the stop.

In a statement to KMOV, Granite City Police Capt. Gary Brooks described what happened, saying, “Officers performed a traffic stop of a vehicle with several of the persons involved in the altercation.” Officers “attempted to continue gathering facts to determine what exactly had occurred” at the time, according to the statement.

“An individual impeded the investigation and resisted arrest during the traffic stop. They were apprehended with the help of a police K-9 unit. As a result, no further information can be provided at this time regarding this subject because the inquiry is still ongoing.”

Canada, on the other hand, dismissed the captain’s assertions of resistance. “No, he did not resist arrest in the least,” Canada stated.


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