Jean-Pierre Adams The French Football Star Who Has Been In Coma For 37 Years After Botched Surgery

Jean-Pierre Adams, The French Football Star Who Has Been In Coma For 37 Years After Botched Surgery


The humble, beautiful, yet terrible end of Senegalese-French man Jean-Pierre Adams is both enthralling and depressing.

Before Ghana’s Marcel Desailly, Cameroon’s Kylian Mbappe, Guinea’s Paul Pogba, and Mali’s Ngolo Kante had a path to the French national team-Les Bleus (The Blues), Senegal’s Jean-Pierre Adams had already started down that path.


Prior admissions had come from North Africa or Martinique, thus he became a professional player of African descent from the West to join the Les Blues.

Adams, a central defender who was born on March 10, 1948, has been in a coma since March 17, 1982, as a result of medical negligence following a surgery performed by a trainee at Lyon Hospital.

What is remarkable is Bernadette’s devotion for him, who has refused to order his euthanization (assisted suicide or painless death) because she believes he will awaken one day.

Despite the difficulty, Bernadette has dedicated her time, energy, and life to Adams’ care. She has changed his clothes, spoken to him, and even informed him that their two sons, Laurent (born 1969) and Frédéric (born 1976), have their own children, making him a grandfather.

Bernadette’s determination must have arisen from the fact that, although being in a vegetative condition, Adams was able to breathe on his own without the assistance of a machine.

With 22 caps for the French squad, the guy from Dakar, Senegal, had completed his playing career.

His football career began when his family sent him to Collège Saint-Louis for additional education. He was hosted by a Jourdain family in Loiret, and it was here that his passion for football, which had been stifled at home due to studies, blossomed to the point where he was dubbed the “White Wolf.”

After finishing elementary school, Adams went to Montagris to work in a factory, but he’s had his share of accidents, including a devastating knee injury that may have ended his professional football dreams.

After that, he worked for l’Entente Bagneaux-Fontainebleau-Nemours (EBFN). After that, he went to military service before being recommended to Nîmes.

He met the gorgeous Bernadette at a party, and their love triumphed with their 1969 marriage, despite the fact that a Black man and a European marriage was looked upon even if decriminalized.

Adams was considered a force of nature due to his physical strength, patriotism, and determination.

His primary defensive pairing with Marius Trésor, establishing the “Garde Noire” – “Black Guard” – was, however, what made him renowned.

Adams played for both PSG and Nice, barely missing out on the French title with the latter and knocking Barcelona out of the UEFA Cup in 1973-4.

Bernadette said Adams enjoyed Brazilian music, cigars, clothing, and bling, and that he was witty and lived life to the fullest.

After finishing his career in the French divisions, Adams decided to pursue a career in youth coaching, so he traveled to Dijon for three days of study and training on March 17, 1982. Adams, on the other hand, tore a tendon in his leg.

On April 26, 1975, during a friendly international match between France and Portugal, Jean-Pierre Adams (left) and Baptista Tamagnini Nene were photographed.

He traveled to Lyon Hospital, where he met a doctor who was a football fan and assured him that he would have to have a knee operation on a certain date, but when Adams arrived on the scheduled date, physicians and nurses went on strike.

Adams, 34, should have returned because it was not an emergency, but he was given an anesthetic. This was supposed to numb him for the procedure for a few hours, but the anesthesiologist made a mistake, starving the footballer’s brain of oxygen, and Adams ended himself in an eternal coma.

Due to the strike, it was discovered that the anesthetist was supervising eight procedures at the same time. To make matters worse, a trainee put Adams in the wrong bed.

The formerly cheery man has been in a coma for 37 years. “It’s all OK, I’m in terrific shape,” he told his wife before leaving for the procedure.

Bernadette was quickly summoned by phone, and she stayed by her husband’s bedside for the next five days and nights, hoping for an improvement in his health.

He was transferred north to Chalon in November, where Bernadette was by his side on a regular basis.

When the hospital indicated they couldn’t care for Adams any longer, Bernadette constructed him a custom-made home, which she named Mas du bel athléte dormant — the House of the Beautiful Sleeping Athlete.

Nîmes and PSG both offered 15,000 francs ($15,000) in support, while the French football federation provided her F6,000 per week after an F25,000 initial donation in December 1982.

Adams’ prior clubs also participated in charity matches. The Variétés Club de France, a philanthropic organization founded by Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Jean-Pierre Papin and supported by Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Jean-Pierre Papin, held a match in honor of the comatose player versus a group of his footballing buddies.

The Seventh Chamber of the Correctional Tribunal in Lyon took seven years to find the doctors guilty of involuntary damage. The trainee and anesthetist were each handed a one-month suspended sentence and a fine of $815.

Bernadette washes and dresses Adams, who is now 71, every day, claiming that her husband has some cognitive function.

“When a dog barks, Jean-Pierre feels, smells, hears and jumps. But he is blind,” she stated in 2007.

Despite the fact that Adams’ brain has been severely damaged, he does not age.

What about putting an end to it all so she can be free?

“It’s unthinkable!” exclaims the speaker. He can’t talk for himself, and it’s not for me to make decisions for him,” Bernadette added, bringing to a close a story that highlighted Adams’ human endurance and his wife’s devotion.

Perhaps the ultimate test will come if Bernadette dies before Adams, at which point the fate of the Senegalese Frenchman will be decided.

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