Jenna Ryan Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Prison After Tweeting Being ‘White And Blond Would Save Her

Jenna Ryan, Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Prison After Tweeting Being ‘White’ And ‘Blond’ Would Save Her


Despite hoping that her white privilege would protect her freedom, Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan was sentenced to two months in prison.

In connection with the insurgency, the Texas real estate agent pleaded guilty in July to a misdemeanor offense of parading on Capitol grounds. Ryan was sentenced on Nov. 4 to 60 days in prison, despite the fact that she faced up to six months in prison; she was also fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $500 in restitution.


Ryan, 50, eagerly uploaded images and video from the United States Capitol, where she and hundreds of former President Donald Trump’s followers united with a single goal: to overturn election results that named Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States.

As the Electoral College votes were being validated by Congress, the rioters stormed over barricades, trampled cops, destroyed windows, and pushed their way inside the Capitol building.

The FBI and the US Department of Justice have been working for months to bring rioters to justice; over 650 people have been detained so far. Those who plead guilty to misdemeanor charges, with the exception of Ryan, have received merely probation and home confinement, whereas those who plead guilty to felony counts face jail sentences.

Ryan, who considers herself a patriot, was sentenced to prison for his lack of remorse in her role in that tumultuous and terrible day. Ryan, who boasted on social media that being white, having blond hair, and having a nice job would protect her from seeing a jail cell, seemed to have been surprised by the sentence for engaging in a destructive demonstration. “You won!!!” she posted on Twitter. I’m going to jail […] “First, raise a glass of champagne, and then rejoice.”

I’m just going to make a general message to everyone who is phoning or messaging me. You are the winner!!! I’ll be going to jail. As a result, you are no longer required to contact me. Then celebrate with a glass of champagne. But please don’t bother with me. Thank you very much.

November 4, 2021 — Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna)

She also implied that her punishment was the result of a “smear campaign” rather than her tweeting and sharing proof of her role in the uprising.

“I’m not going to prison for the things I said, or standing in front of the broken window,” she tweeted. It’s for 2 minutes of strolling in the Capitol, and the judge claims it’s to serve as a deterrent to others since I have a high profile (which I earned after the facts because to an MSM smear campaign).”

I’m not going to prison for what I said, and I’m not going to stand in front of the smashed glass. It’s for 2 minutes of walking in the Capitol, and the judge claims it’s to serve as a deterrent to others because of my high profile (Which I got after the fact thanks to MSM smear campaign)

November 4, 2021 — Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna)

The Dallas-area citizen has continued to spread election falsehoods on social media. She’s even claimed that flying to D.C. in a private plane with friends was all part of her Trump support. That pride was captured in images like the one of Ryan wearing a Trump beanie and smiling by a damaged Capitol glass.

Ryan, however, changed her mind in February while chatting with the Washington Post. She told the source, “I got into a falsehood, and the lie is the lie, and it’s embarrassing.” “I’m sorry for everything.” There isn’t a single patriot sticking up for me. I’m a complete bad guy. ‘Stop the thievery,’ my president commanded, so I went down there. Now I realize it was all for naught. He was only bringing us down there to enhance his ego. “I was there to support him.”

The self-employed woman’s critics have been harsh, but they don’t equal her excitement for sharing pro-Trump phony election narratives online. “Lol. “When white privilege goes wrong,” one Twitter user said. “She deserves every second of jail time,” wrote another. Nobody has sympathy for her.”







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