LAPD Seeks To Identify Two White Trump Supporters Who Beat Up Black Woman, Nibo

LAPD Seeks To Identify Two White Trump Supporters Who Beat Up Black Woman, Nibo

The LAPD is in the hunt of two white Trump supporters who brutally assaulted a 25 years-old black woman, Berlinda Nibo, outside of the city Hall in Los Angeles, on the 6th of January, 2021, the same day of the Capitol invasion in Washington.

Although the two white suspects are nowhere to be seen, Law enforcement is asking the general American public to help them identify the two men.

What really happened to the almighty American facial recognition softwares?

In a statement, Berlinda Nibo said that she was confronted by a group of 20 Trump supporters, who were demonstrating. She said they called her racial slurs and attacked her. The photos and videos of the assault have been distributed widely on social media.

A photojournalist, Raquel Natalicchio, took many photos of the incident. She had started to follow Nibo protectively, as she walked alone through the demonstrators.

The police are looking for both men, one of them is described to be 40 to 45 years of age and about 6 feet tall. The image above shows him grabbing Nibo. He was wearing a gray hat with the American flag on it, and a gray shirt, with “45” written on it.

LA Trump
Image of one of the men the Los Angeles Police Department is seeking to identify with the public’s help. (LAPD)

The second white male is described to be about 30 to 40 years old, about 6 feet tall, and 180 pounds. Pictures and descriptions say he has brown eyes and was wearing ripped denim shorts, a black tactical vest, and a blackhat.

As she recounted her story, Nibo told the Los Angeles Times that her attackers used pepper spray on her, which got into her eyes and ears. This they did, as they shouted racial slurs on her. One of her attackers used the bottom of a metal flag pole to strike her, leaving her with a huge bruise on her shoulders.

“It seemed like these people were trying to kill me,” said Nibo. “To use me to make some kind of statement or something.”

She said that she was leaving a restaurant downtown with a friend when they came upon the Trump rally. They stopped in curiosity and wondered what the reason for the rally was when the election was practically over. She said they quickly discovered they were the only black people in the crowd, and immediately tried to leave. They stayed a little longer to search for her friend’s phone which was missing.

Nibo got seperated from her friend, and that was when the attackers started following and taunting her.

One of them asked: Do you know who Joe Biden is?

Another questioned: Did you vote for Donald Trump?

She then hurriedly moved away, as the demonstrators started to chant “White lives matter”. They shoved her, and one white woman ripped off her wig and shouted “I did the first scalping of the new civil war,” which was captured on video.

Although Nibo initially said that the white man seen in the photo holding her arms down was actually trying to help her and shield her from the attackers. This is against the impressions many social media users got, which was an assault, rather than a rescue. But she has also taken back her statement about the man helping her and told Buzzfeed that “It did not help me. It would’ve helped me more if he had made way for me to move out of there completely.”

While Nibo was being attacked, it was gathered that officers at the scene did nothing to pursue and arrest her attackers.

So, as the LAPD is out looking for the men who assaulted Nibo, they have also launched a personal investigation about the complaints brought against the officers.

It would interest you to know that a GoFundMe campaign was created for Nibo and as of the 13th, of January, 2021, the amount has reached $100,000.





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