Letitia Wright Has been Hospitalized Following An Accident On The Black Panther 2 Set

Letitia Wright Has been Hospitalized Following An Accident On The ‘Black Panther 2′ Set

Letitia Wright, a British-Guyanese actress, was hospitalized after being injured in a stunt rig accident while filming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. According to Variety, the incident occurred during filming in Boston on Wednesday.

“While filming a stunt for ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’ Letitia Wright suffered minor injuries today. She is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital and will be released soon, according to a Marvel representative.

Wright was eventually released from the hospital after undergoing treatment, according to her representative, who also stated that she is healing.

The 27-year-old actress is reprising her role as Shuri, the gifted scientist and sister of T’Challa, the Wakandan king (formerly played by the late Chadwick Boseman). The accident will have no impact on the production schedule for the highly anticipated film sequel.

Despite the lack of information regarding the Ryan Coogler-directed film, original cast members Lupita Nyong’o, Daniel Kaluuya, Danai Gurira, Florence Kasumba, Winston Duke, and Angela Bassett are anticipated to return.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed and box financial smash will be released on July 8, 2020.

According to Face2Face Africa, Wright delivered a wonderful and passionate homage to Boseman on British Vogue in March. Wright met Boseman for the first time while auditioning for Black Panther in Los Angeles, according to the article. Despite the fact that they had just met, the 27-year-old stated she felt an instant connection with him, and their relationship grew from there.

“I’ve admired Chadwick Boseman since the first time we met. In September 2016, I arrived in Los Angeles after being summoned to audition for a Marvel Studios film directed by Ryan Coogler. She wrote, “It was evident that this was a significant issue.”

“I was just 22 and terrified, but Chad – who had already been cast in the lead role – strolled in with a smoothie, relaxed and cool. God spoke to my heart, telling me that he would be my brother and that I should love him as such.”

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