Liberian War Child Who Built An E-Commerce Empire At 21 In The U S After Failing At Seven Business Ventures - Boniface Ogunti

Liberian War Child Who Built An E-Commerce Empire At 21 In The U.S After Failing At Seven Business Ventures – Boniface Ogunti

Boniface Ogunti is a Liberian-born business magnate who failed badly in his first attempts to become his own boss. That did not, however, discourage him from pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He had developed an e-commerce empire by the age of 21. He just works with Facebook ads for eCommerce.

At the age of 16, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. According to him, he used to airbrush sneakers for people in his area, and then, when he was 18, he used $2,000 of the money he earned from airbrushing shoes to build a music studio.

“I started selling TV service door to door and at big-box shops when I was 18 years old.” “When I was 19 years old, I was also selling car insurance, and someone told me about selling things online when I was selling car insurance,” Ogunti said in an interview.

He went on to say that he ventured into online goods sales after that and that in his first year, he made $2.5 million utilizing Facebook ads.

“I tried seven different businesses before I found my calling,” he stated.

Following Liberia’s catastrophic civil war, Ogunti fled to America. He said he abandoned his mother in Africa and set up camp with his grandma when he went to the United States.

“I came to the United States of America because my nation, Liberia, was in the midst of a civil war.” I left my mother in Africa and came to the United States, where I lived with my grandmother. Like everyone else, I went to high school but quit out to establish my online business. On my 24th birthday, February 18, 2020, I saw my mother. “I was born on February 18th, 1996,” Ogunti said.

Ogunti now runs an e-commerce and shipping firm after dropping out of school to start his internet business. The Advanced Client AcquisitionTM Certification Program, which is a global community of men and women who assist entrepreneurs master the art of advertising, was founded by the 25-year-old.

According to reports, he and his students have made tens of millions of dollars in sales in a variety of businesses.

Aside from his Advanced Client AcquisitionTM Certification Program, Ogunti also has a personal YouTube channel, which has hundreds of videos and is quickly becoming one of the top channels in the business category. He has over $2.5 million followers across numerous social media networks.

The next goal for Ogunti is to invest in his home country. He wants to get into real estate by focusing on building residences for middle-class individuals.

“This year, I’m investing in Africa for my next initiative.” I’m developing a luxurious home in Liberia, West Africa, as well as middle-income housing for the locals. “I want to make a difference in my country,” the young entrepreneur stated.







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