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London Offers £3,500 To Volunteers To Be Infected With Corona Virus

London Offers £3,500 To Volunteers To Be Infected With Coronavirus

In a search for the cure of the deadly viral coronavirus, volunteers have been promised a whooping £3,500. They are to be infected with the virus.

At the Queen Mary Bio Enterprises Innovation Centre in Whitechapel in east London, volunteers will be infected with the viral coronavirus and made to live in quarantine at the Centre. This is to enable them to find a vaccine for the virus.

According to the Daily Star, all willing volunteers will be infected with two common but not so serious strains of the virus.


24 volunteers will be infected with the 0C43 and 229E strains of the virus at the Queen Mary laboratory; the company behind this laboratory is Hvivo. The two strains to be injected into the volunteers will cause moderate respiratory symptoms that are relatively less serious than the virus. The testing’s to be carried out is to enable the development of a vaccine that can eradicate the virus.

The minimum number of weeks for volunteers to spend in quarantine is 2 weeks.

During the testing period, the volunteers will be restricted to physical contacts with people, exercise and diet.

Every medical practitioner that will be involved in this study will be fully protected with appropriate protective gear while getting in contact with any material or instruments that must have come in contact with the virus.


This experiment will only take place after the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has agreed on the plans of Hvivo.

The World Health Organisation reported that over 20 Covid-19 vaccines are currently been developed. This experiment is a part of the $2bn global effort to find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus.

The most effective vaccines and drugs will be chosen immediately after the experiment and administered to patients who naturally contracted the virus.



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