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Meet Black Designer With A $10 Million Company Who Started In Asia & Expanded To The U.S

Meet Black Designer With A $10 Million Company Who Started In Asia and Expanded To The US

Back in 2003, a Detroit based menswear designer and businessman, Montee Holland started his own clothing line. This line was named Tayion, and consisted of men’s suits. When he started, Holland had no connections and almost-zero know-how in the field of manufacturing.

Fast forward a few years later, and with a cocktail of hard work, creativity, and Steve Harvey, Holland has one of the most promising brands in the US, having just gotten a $10 million capital investment from more than one investor.

Growing up as a young man, Taylor had always been a big fan of the fashion industry. His passion for the field was strong enough for him to leave a secure and comfortable job in the pharmaceutical industry for the uncertain world of fashion.


He started by getting exotic fabrics from Asian countries, and with these materials, he designed his own suits. He started by selling his suits in small retail stores.

Holland’s break came in at a biannual fashion event in Las Vegas. The event, MAGIC Las Vegas, attracts and displays some of the most brilliant designers in the fashion industry. Holland secured a booth on his third appearance, which gave him the opportunity to display his suits with exotic and quality materials to a large audience. Quite a number of stores approached him to sell his designs.

One of the people Holland attracted at MAGIC Las Vegas was celebrity author and television host, Steve Harvey. The relationship brought Holland resources and connections that helped launch Holland’s brand to a much larger audience. It’s been years since both men have worked together, but Harvey’s impact was undoubtedly helpful to Holland.

Holland is 50 years old and he has come a long way from where he started. However, his drive is still as strong as ever. With a storefront in Taylor, Michigan, and customers that include many high-end stores, he is still aiming to grow the business even more than he has already done.


In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, he said thathard work, persistence, honesty, and knowledge of your craft will always pay off.”

To get more details on his brand Tayion Fashion Suits, check out 

There is no better way for the Black community to grow if not through the “each one help one” rule. Steve Harvey reached out to Montee Holland and gave him access to the right people, thereby making his business a popular brand. With this attitude, the Black community worldwide would have a business model like the Jews or the Chinese.

The Tayion Fashion Suits should be patronized by the Black community, thereby keeping the wealth within the Black community, and encouraging other entrepreneurs to surpass the fear of failure and rejection, to chase their dreams.  


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