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Meet Black Woman Who Has Opened Her 4th Real Estate Business In Six Years



Meet Black Woman Who Has Opened Her 4th Real Estate Business In Six Years

Tamairo Moutry has just launched her fourth real estate company. The successful real estate broker now has real estate companies in four states, namely, Illinois—which she just began, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida. She operates the virtual office concept for all four companies, and presently has almost 25 realtors in her team, while recently working on creating more employment.

Tamairo, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, in addition to her background in education; she has a license for Real Estate Instruction in the state of Wisconsin. According to, she took the Illinois Managing Broker exam in September 2019 and came out successful. Tamairo has real estate education courses with which she trains real estate agents, and aspiring real estate agents; she is also working on creating a nation-wide curriculum for agents and real estate investors.

The industrious Broker who started her real estate business in 2004 is very excited about her future goals for the business. She is improving her recruitment effort in Illinois this year and plans to help more investors purchase homes. Other on-going and long-term goals include getting more real estate investors, promoting home-ownership for everyone by renovating affordable homes, and reinvigorating lower-income communities.


Tamairo helps investors with financing for purchases, and renovations, both for new construction homes and commercial projects, and she’s willing to help all her clients achieve higher credits by administering credit education. She also intends to provide housing for the DNC Democratic convention, which will hold in Milwaukee from 13th to 16th of July.

Tamairo is also an adept speaker, in April 2019; she was the principal speaker in the renowned Women’s Real Estate Retreat at Port St Lucie, Florida. She also engages in TV presentations, interviews, podcasts, and several other live appearances on Facebook groups, including her Women in Real Estate.

The TV Show “Out &About Southwest Florida,” which will be aired on Fox 4 from the 9th of February, Sunday mornings from 8 am to 8:30 am, promises to feature Tamairo. She will also make a personal appearance on the new reality TV show; “Who’s Got Curves,” the show features her Georgia-based company, and is sponsored by her company.

Get In Touch with Tamairo Moutry/Companies, or book her for speaking engagements or interviews, at or 414-949-5566.


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