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Meet Brave South-African Man Who Entered A Burning House To Save Two Children

Meet Brave South-African Man Who Entered A Burning House To Save Two Children

Meet Zikhaya Sithole, a brave South African man who put his life on the line to save children trapped in a burning shack. He’s now known as a HERO.

He overheard a mother’s urgent plea for aid while walking home from a nearby tuckshop.

Her two small children were trapped inside the flaming shack, which was on the verge of collapsing.

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Zikhaya bravely leaped into action, rushing inside the cabin to save the two boys without a second thought for his own safety.

He did not have enough time, however, to reach a one-year-old baby whose life had been taken by the lethal flames.

“I heard the children weeping when I entered the cabin. “I grabbed the child on the bed and hurried out, but when I tried to return for the other one, the flames were too fierce,” Zikhaya recounted in an early October piece in the Daily Sun.

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When Zikhaya got home with third-degree burns, he said his partner couldn’t believe it and quickly dialed 911.

Zikhaya’s injuries were so serious as a result of his altruistic act that he is unable to work since his hands are too injured to continue welding.

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His bravery did not come without a cost, as he suffered serious burns that left him with scars that will last a lifetime.

He told the Daily Sun, however, that he had no regrets about entering the shack: “I have saved a child. I wish I had been able to save them both.”
South Africans touched by his brave acts joined hands to congratulate him on his unrivaled bravery.


Many of them demanded that President Cyril Ramaphosa bestow the National Medal of Honour on him for his bravery.

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