Meet Young Black CEO Who Is Transforming Fashion with Her African Art Prints & Accessories Chinonso Okolie

Meet Chinonso Okolie, Transforming Fashion Using Her African Art Prints & Accessories, With Her Company Geeky Chics Empire


In our efforts to discover unique African businesses that have the potential to become global brands, we ask some members of our community to point us to businesses that they have interacted with and feel stand out.

In the September of this year, we got a couple of leads that pointed us to a company called Geeky Chics Empire ltd, which is an African print and accessories business.


The founder of the company is Chinonso Okolie, an Igbo woman, from Nigeria. Her company is located in South Africa, and she has served her customers from there.

Chinonso Okolie - Founder, Geeky Chics Empire ltd
Chinonso Okolie – Founder, Geeky Chics Empire ltd

Her company has been behind some of the most fabulous of the “mama Africa” inspired art prints and accessories. And her customers range from Africans to Asians, and white folks, who love are not shy to showcase their colorful and unique prints.

When we spoke to her in September, we wanted to know how she birthed the idea of the company, and how the journey has been so far for her in reaching a wider global audience. This is what she had to say:

“I discovered my love for African art prints and accessories because all my life we were accustomed to the western model of fashion art and designs. So, as I grew up, I noticed that Africa print art and accessories don’t have a large market and demand, so my passion emerged from that reality”

She said that she has been in the business of producing unique African Art Prints for two years now. She went ahead to speak of her vision for her company:

“My vision is to imbibe and express every unique aspect of Africa into my art prints and put African art print and accessories in the global market till it becomes a permanent norm for everyone.”

“I believe my company will impact Africans worldwide because we need to be reminded of how beautifully creative and innovative, we Africans are.”

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