Meet Iddris Sandu, 23-Year-Old African Genius Who Created The Key Algorithms Used By Instagram, Uber, And Snapchat

Meet Iddris Sandu, 23-Year-Old African Genius Who Created The Key Algorithms Used By Instagram, Uber, And Snapchat


Iddris Sandu may only be 23 years old, but he has already made significant contributions to the technological realm. Established his own software development company, contributed to the creation of key algorithms for Instagram, Snapchat, and Uber; collaborated with celebrities like Kanye West and Jaden Smith; received praise from then-President Barack Obama; and more.

Iddris’s parents brought him to the United States from Accra, Ghana, when he was three years old. At the age of 10, he began teaching himself to code. He started his first job as a programmer at Google when he was only 13 years old.


During his time at Google, Iddris developed a tool to help his fellow students find their way around campus. He was a young man of only 15 at the time. After his California high school adopted his app, he was invited to the White House to meet with then-President Obama and receive the Presidential Scholar Award.

Iddris, however, chose not to further his education and dropped out of high school. He told CNN, “I didn’t want to wait four years; I wanted to make an impact now.” His inability to pay was only part of the story. And he did just that.

At the age of 18, Iddris began working for Uber, where he developed the software known as Autonomous Collision Detection Interface to detect the hand motions and positions of drivers of Uber’s self-driving cars. He had previously developed key algorithms for Instagram and Snapchat.

The two artists worked together after meeting by chance at a Starbucks in Los Angeles last year. In only three weeks, the two friends turned a vacant Los Angeles storefront into The Marathon Store, where they sell apparel, accessories, and music. Customers can also access exclusive music and digital content through the smart store companion app.

Several celebrities and icons, including Russell Westbrook, Vegas Jones of Roc Nation, Diddy, Jay-Z, and more, have visited the store after hearing about Iddris’ technological prowess and Nipsey’s cultural impact.

Earlier this year, Iddris teamed up with Kanye West and Jaden Smith to develop augmented reality experiences for the 2019 edition of the Chicago tech festival ComplexCon, which will feature music, clothing lines, and disaster relief projects, among other things.

Incontestably, Iddris has a promising future ahead of him, and he hopes to help others experience that same promise. He plans to travel to Lagos, Nigeria in 2019 to hold student workshops where he will instruct African children on how to construct platforms, sharing his own belief in Black excellence.

“Africa is going to produce the next wave of technological pioneers. Why? They face issues for which they already know the answers “The man spoke up and explained.

Visit or follow him on Instagram at @iddrissandu to learn more about Iddris Sandu and his projects.

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