Meet Nigerian Software Developer Changing The ICT Space With His Digital Training Platform

Meet Nigerian Software Developer Changing The ICT Space With His Digital Training Platform

Researchers have stated that the field of ICT (Internet and Computer Technology) will create immeasurable wealth in Africa if it is harnessed by the young generation. With this statement in view, we have seen rapid acceptance and drive into the numerous aspects of computer and internet technology in Africa in the last 10 years.

Africa now has its own set of software and hardware engineers, among many other aspects of ICT. One among them who is making headway with his learning hub is Vincent Kalu Njoku.

Vincent Kalu Njoku is an ambitious young Nigerian who hails from Arochukwu L.G.A in Abia state and currently the CEO of a Nigerian Tech Startup named Algoteam Computer Labs. He studied Computer Science at the prestigious National Open University of Nigeria and graduated with a Second Class upper honors. He is a software engineer per excellence with over six years of experience in ICT.

He created an online Hub called “LearnAfrik”. The platform is now gaining attention from students and ICT enthusiasts from around Africa and promises to take a front roll in teaching Africans the best skills to have in the ICT world in this century.

Below are the very words of Vincent, about his platform, and what Africans are to expect from him and his team.

The revolution of the Internet of Things is here!

Every once in a while, new technology appears with the potential to shift the entire social fabric of society. Lately, we have been hearing a lot about the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and wondering what to make of it.

The Internet of Things (IoT) generally refers to the extension of computing and network capabilities to devices and sensors that are not considered as computers, enabling them to make machine-to-machine interactions with minimal or no human input.

This technology is economically compelling, as the drive towards cost reduction for provisioning, energy savings, value-added services, and efficiency of management and use (automation) of equipment and infrastructure continues. Socially, this is already creating new services that were not possible before.


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“A new technology is like the last Car in a Bus stop, once a new technology rolls over if you’re not part of it, it rides over you”

Learnafrik is an E-learning platform that grants users access to various ICT Courses ranging from Office management, programming, video and image editing, database management, data science and analysis, ethical hacking and cybersecurity, and lots more.

Our mission is to carve out a niche and equip African’s for the Digital future by providing them with affordable, quality, and reliable learning materials prepared by experts in each field.

  1. Have you have always wanted to do more than just sending emails, browsing, and chatting with the Computer?
  2. Have you have been looking for where to learn any skill from scratch?
  3. Do you want to save money while undergoing your skill
    training? Now Imagine
  4. A scenario where you will apply the See-It, Learn-IT technique in learning any skill you want.
  5. Pause the Course Video, Play It, and read through the PDF at your leisure.
  6. A scenario where you only need internet data to download course tutorials from professionals and watch it at your convenience.
  7. A scenario where you don’t need to spend money shuttling from place to place to undergo Digital skill training.
  8. A scenario where you get free E-books and installation software for any course you learn.

Join us at Learnafrik and tap from our range of courses in different areas of computing:

Web programming, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Graphic Design, Android Programming, Ethical Hacking, Computer Fundamentals, Python programming, JavaScript, React.js, Swift, Engineering, and lots more.

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All Videos, E-books, and Software for our courses are downloadable. Meaning that you get to do your learning at your own schedule and leisure; anytime, anywhere.

Learnafrik courses are no doubt the most affordable on the internet. With a Cost of only $15, users are granted access to all courses for a duration of one year.

In order to attain her goals of disseminating basic and Professional Digital Skills globally especially in Africa, Learnafrik has launched a referral program that gives you a whopping 25% of the subscription fee paid by those you refer.

Having partnered with Google Africa and Algoteam Computer Laboratories, users will be given a certificate after due completion of the Certification Exam. The Exam can only be taken 40 days after the user must have downloaded and studied the course.

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It takes only three (3) easy steps to get Started,

  1. Signup on
  2. Login to account and click upgrade
  3. Make payment using your Debit card, USSD or NUBAN

Learnafrik Support Team
Digital Skills that Matter


To start learning digital skills, visit





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