Neo-Colonialism Is The Reason Africa Is Backwards – Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans

Neo-Colonialism Is The Reason Africa Is Backwards - Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans
Neo-Colonialism Is The Reason Africa Is Backwards – Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans

The truth about Africa’s current economic and social conditions has nothing to do with Africans being lazy or unproductive. Africa, for the past 1000 years and more has been at war, with draconian and vile forces from Europe and Arabia. These invaders have sworn that Africa will never be free. So, even after their invasion and take-over from the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 was beaten back by various fights for independence, these Europeans found a way to maintain their grip on Africa, through greedy and shallow politicians.

So, today we have an African continent, with various nations, that celebrate independence day, and throw large parties at the government houses, but deep down, these natiosn are not free, as they still serve the economic and political interest of their former colonial masters.

And as long as these European nations have their parasitic pipes plugged into the human and natural resources of Africa, the various nations and ethnic nationalities of Africa can not be free. These European nations, companies, and corporations make sure that Africa never rises to its full potential and that Africa should continue to depend on them, for everything. And they do this with the help of greedy African politicians.

This is why, Africa is poor today – believing any other lie from the western media is at your own peril.

 “To transform the entire African continent into South Africa or Kenya, where a white minority owns and controls the local economy. A place where Africans are just good to be consumers or their servants” This is the Europeans dream.

This subject is uncomfortable but we need to talk about it, otherwise we will wake up with more Robert Mugabe who would be doing a great job of redressing centuries of white minority domination and exploitation of Zimbabwean people.

Let’s take a look at South Africa. South Africa is a country in the thumb of the whites. A country where the white minority makes less than 10% of the population but owns more than 80% of South African lands and economy, even though they did not buy those lands.

In South Africa 64% of top senior management positions are filled by whites. 90% of the board of the Central Bank is made of the white minority. 90% of media is in the hands of Whites, who control content, project whiteness (local South African adverts have an 85% White representation) and marginalize and exploit Africans, with the exception of Africans being 86% represented in alcohol adverts. 97% of mainstream South African films are owned, produced and directed by non-Africans.

An Africa without Africans is the dream of this local (white) predatory supremacist minority.

A recent report challenges the rumored idea that the West is pouring money into Africa through aid without receiving much in return. In contrary to this, the report proved that Africa has lost up to $1.4 trillion in illicit financial flows to the West from 1980 to 2009. This amount is 233 times the 60 billion foreign aid Africa supposedly receives every year from the West which seriously undermines the development of the continent.

These illicit financial flows involve the transfer of money earned through corruption, bribes, tax evasion, criminal activities and transactions involving contraband goods. And these illicit financial flows are organized by the foreign people who claim that they want to help build Africa. The people we meet every day and they could be our employers, our friends or neighbors but that does not change who they are and what they are doing.

Although the local rich subalterns help these folks get their big houses and cars, but Africa will have no sustainable future with this model of development.

This is no different from colonial times but still it is nicely called “Africa is Rising”.

Lord Aikins Adusei wrote;

“Multinational Corporations are the New Colonizers in Africa”

It has been more than 60 years after the fictitious independence declarations but Africa is still controlled by European expatriates, oil companies, military forces, Banks, etc.

Some Africans think that it is good for Africa. So, they become the rich subalterns. While others think Africans must be free from European colonialism, and fight for more local ownership.

There is a country called Kenya. This country was not under any apartheid system like South Africa was, but most corporations in Kenya have whole foreign boards. Most of the country economical assets are in the hand of a tiny white minority helped by a horde of local subalterns.

A Kenyan friend shared this background tale;

 “One only needs to read about the origins and activities of the London Rhodesia Group (Lonrho) formerly run by Tiny Rowland to really appreciate the gravity of the situation in Africa. Lonrho perfected the art of acquiring valuable productive assets across the continent by targeting corrupt leaders with gifts and naive locals with confusing agreements and subterfuge.

One of the greatest beneficiaries of this approach was former president Moi of Kenya who pretty much gave up much of the country’s agricultural and hospitality sector crown jewels in exchange for accounts in the Caymans and gifts for his entourage of sycophants.

Think about the major economic activities in Africa such as Mining, Oil, Agriculture, Banking, Telecoms, then also think of the companies carrying out these activities. (Companies like DeBeers, Anglo Ashanti, Shell, BP, Exxon, Barclays, Stanchart, Vodacom, Del Monte) And you will get the picture.” He further said;

“Huge tracts of land in sub-Saharan Africa are owned by foreign agricultural companies paying low wages and repatriating the profits back to the western world in the form of dividends and management fees. The one country that is doing things a little different is Nigeria. A good number of Nigerian companies are bidding for oil services work in newly discovered oil fields in East and Central Africa and I am sure we all know about Aliko Dangote and his conglomerate of companies anchored by his cement production behemoth.”

Another Kenya friend commented “I am not sure why it is so. But, part of it might be a bit of the colonial mentality (thinking foreigners are better than Kenyans). Part of it might be the foreigners represent the interests of multinationals that have invested in these companies (certainly the case with subsidiaries of multinationals like Safaricom, Barclays, Standard Chartered et al).”

And another Kenyan wrote;

 “Look at the modern Kenya, as of today, sons of colonial chiefs and collaborators are now rulers and billionaires. In fact, maintaining the status quo is genetically coded in them. Their children go to the best schools either in Kenya or abroad all run by the white, how then can we redeem ourselves?”

Another friend brought to our attention of what is called ” White Code in Africa.”

 He said;

“White people stand with the white code. They only praise Black people or go near Blacks who serve their interest. The latter are in their medias, at their conferences, receive their Nobel prize and awards. This is how you know those who are working against the continent interest.

Those who refuse to work for them fall under the rule of “You are with us or against us”

An angry commentator lashed out;

 “These white people who employed Blacks to do their filthy jobs are more racist than the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). And they are in Africa. They know exactly what they are doing and how the system of racism operates.”

Still, every time, this subject is discussed, few people point out, that there are still many white people who are good people and who are really working to help Africa. Well, it is true.

During a recent discussion, I had to write the following message to an Italian friend who does not believe that all white people are “Devil with blue eyes!”

“It is indeed an uncomfortable subject to talk about for all parties involved. The fact is that after 5 centuries, if Europe really wanted to help Africa, Africa should be in better shape.

As a general statement, Europe is only interested in exploitation of Africa (again, this is a general statement, because there are lot of people who are Europeans but really interested to build sane relation with Africans). The problem is that these people do not matter, which could be that they do not have the power or access to resources to make any structural or substantial change. They are only individuals with good faith and goodwill, while the western power elite and apparatus is against any real Africa emancipation.

They prefer Africa laying down. As Africa laying on its back makes it easier for exploitation.

The same nations we call for help are in no way interested in Africa recovery or renaissance.

This is the point we are trying to make;

What do you think would happen, if all decision levels in Switzerland will be made by the Chinese, and all major assets of the country in the hand of Russians? But this is what is happening in majority of African countries.

 This is why this story has its title of Africans living on a continent owned by Europeans. It is not dependence, but colonization, because it is a situation where European use brutal military force to maintain corrupted leaders who only will help them exploit the continent.

Africans are now only guest on their own continent. In fact, there is more to this debate that an email could carry.

 In conclusion, Africans like any other people need friends, but trust will be hard to earn, especially after five centuries of European machiavelism.

“You have no friend. Naivete is your curse. Only the Paranoid survive!”

Africa Beware, not all people who want to help you are your friends.

A Facebook commentator wrote

“All the drums beats are now about Africa rising. Growth, Growth, Growth! Africa is the future. African governments want to attract investors. And they would do anything for that”

A friend replied:

“Growth is not that important. After all, the economy of the American South grew but, were black slaves better treated as a result?

Viability of African nations will not depend on impressive growth figures (I’m talking to the Harvard MBA crowd), but on fairness and inclusion. The moral case for nationhood is more important than the economic case for nationhood. Don’t be deceived by “Africa Rising” narrative. So, the point is not about how many articles that is on “Africa Rising” @HarvardBiz, but whether Africans will want to LIVE in Africa in future.

Okwu Nwachinaemelu wrote;

 Our society is in terminal decline, and a new society won’t emerge from advocacy, but learning from past lessons. By refusing to educate the next generation, we are handing over Nigeria to foreigners and the children of the elite and they will pick up AK 47s.”

Another continued: “There is nothing wrong in doing business with Europeans or foreigners but I think we need to do more partnerships and less monopolyships/oligarchyships.”

Yes, the subject is very sensitive and emotional, but emotions are necessary to trigger actions.

We should understand that we Africans are currently nothing but guests on our own continent. As, all levels of economic power are held by Europeans. Which should not be so.

So, we should wake up and not paint the chains with Gold. We should remove them instead. Although, it is difficult to take off the chains but the pain will not go away, not even when we paint it with a new color.

Steve Bantu Biko, wrote;

“Black man, you are on your own.”

“In the old Benin empire, the Portuguese used to trade Boxes of sugar, White wine, and salt for hundreds of slaves, and it continues to the present, where multi-national oil cooperation would come in and dig in their drilling rigs and pay the federal government large sums of money to keep mute and turn a blind eye, while the local communities suffer the environmental pollutions caused by the oil spillage.” pointed a Nigerian contributor.

Kwame Nkrumah also warned us:

“Capitalism is but the gentlemen’s method of slavery.”

Since Africa was invaded, the only visible development of her people is poverty which is meant to eliminate them.

Today Africa leaders are shame to our post independent freedom fighters.

Afropean are the person who either deliberately, or unconsciously betrays their own people by participating in its oppression (claiming ignorance does not prevent one from being an Afropean/Negropean. In fact, ignorance is one of the major causes of Afropean/Negropeangitis.

The “House Negro” or “House Nigger” (house slave of a slave owner from the historic period of legal slavery), also made a contribution. During slavery, there were two kinds of slaves;

House Negroes- those who worked in the master’s house and field Negroes- those who performed the manual labor outside. The house Negro having a better life than the field Negro, was unwilling to leave the plantation, and potentially more likely to support existing power structures that favor whites over blacks. Malcolm X identified with the field Negro. African leaders would consider an Afropean and a House Negro (back then they would have called then a House “Nigger” to allow bombing and invading Africa and sold out to colonial masters, looting Africa treasure and hating their own people). Afropeans are anti-Africa people, they are brainwashed Niegro.

It is very important for Africans everywhere in the world to wake up to the realization that there is no other place for us to


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