New York Man Is Found Guilty Of Hate Crime Charge Of Stabbing A Black Teenager

New York Man Is Found Guilty Of Hate Crime Charge Of Stabbing A Black Teenager


Robert McCallion, 36, pled guilty to 14 felony offenses on Tuesday. For repeatedly stabbing a 17-year-old Black adolescent, one of these charges was attempted murder as a hate crime. The incident occurred on March 13, 2020, while the little black girl was visiting relatives in the North Highland Avenue apartment complex where Robert was staying at the time.

Robert attacked the young lady, stabbing her numerous times with a knife, despite the fact that she was a complete stranger to him and had done nothing to provoke him. The prosecutors claim that during the stabbing, Robert uttered racial obscenities. He was quickly apprehended in the parking lot of the building where he was hiding. His body and clothes were drenched with the blood of the young adolescent.


The weapon that was used to stab the lady was also found at the crime site.

“This was a cruel, vile, and cowardly attack by Robert McCallion on an innocent teenager because of the color of her skin,” Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah said in announcing the plea on Tuesday. Hate crimes like these not only traumatize the victim, but also the community, and will be rigorously prosecuted by our office.”

On November 16th, Robert will be sentenced. His sentence could vary from eight to twenty-five years, according to the plea bargain.

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