Nigerian Genius Kid Defeats US, Germany, Others in Maths competitions

Nigerian Genius Kid Defeats US, Germany, Others in Maths competitions

Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, a senior secondary school (SSS1) student, is the latest Nigerian kid to put smiles on Nigerians’ faces after photos of him winning medals in Mathematics competitions around the world surfaced on social media on Thursday.

Graceland Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, posted his photos on its Facebook page, which drew the attention of Nigerians who poured encomiums and congratulations on him.

The post was labeled “The Chronicles of a Global Mathematics Champion” by the school.

In the video, Jacob is seen wearing a collection of medals around his neck after winning numerous Mathematics competitions in the United States, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, and South Africa.

Among the awards, Jacob has received to become a Mathematics champion are Bronze and Gold medals in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO) in 2021 and 2022, respectively, Gold Medal in 2019, Silver Medal in 2020, Silver Medal and 3rd in Nigeria (2021 Spring) and Gold Medal and 2nd in Nigeria (2021 Fall) under American Mathematics Competition (AMC).

In addition, he has received the Silver Medal (International 2020), Gold Medal (National 2020), and Gold Medal (National 2021) in the South African Mathematics Olympiad. He also received the International Youth Maths Challenge, IYMC, Silver Honor Award (2020), Silver Honor Award (2021), and National Award (Best in Nigeria 2021). (Europe).

Jacob also received the Distinguished Honourable Mention Award (2022) in the Stamford Mathematics Tournament in the United States, as well as the Overall Best Student Award (2022) from the Most Inspired Science and Engineering Foundation (MISE), Ghana-MIT in the United States.

Nigerians have taken to social media to express their admiration for Jacob’s achievements. Here are some examples from Facebook:

“Congratulations!” said David Iyenyorochi Obi. Let us honor a Math Guru, Uwakmfon UnwanaJacob. You may be wondering why he has so many medals around his neck. Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob has proven himself to be an Intercontinental Mathematics Champion in the span of 212 years (JSS2-SSS1).”

“I celebrate excellence whenever I come across it.” “Let us celebrate a Maths Wizkid, Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob,” said Perekeme Odon.

Oke Ajogbeje “Meet an Akwa Ibom son, Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob,” James exclaimed. In the space of two and a half years (JSS2-SSS1), he has won the America Mathematics Competition, the South African Mathematics Competition, the Canadian Mathematics Competition, the Pan African Mathematics Competition, the Ghana Mathematics Competition, MIT, the Indonesia Mathematics Competition, the Stanford Mathematics Competition, and others.

“Champion in IYMC, Intercontinental, and many more that cannot be mentioned here, having won 20 medals in various Mathematics Competitions around the world.”

“He is currently en route to Ghana for a research program and has been accepted into the World Science Scholars by Prof. Brainne Greene, a renowned Theoretical Physicist in Super String Theory.” Congratulations, Uwakmfon Unwana, and keep flying.”

“Meet Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, who recently won many intercontinental Mathematics championship medals,” Anuka Ike Justice added.






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