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Nigerian Police Have Arrested 3 Suspects Linked With ‘Serial killings’ Of Women

Nigerian Police Have Arrested 3 Suspects Linked With Serial killings Of Women

Nigerian Police Have Arrested 3 Suspects Linked With Serial killings Of Women 1

In one of Nigeria’s oil-rich state, there has been an arrest of three suspected killers in the serial killings of women in the state. This was reported by the Nigerian police n Wednesday, 18th September.

Nnamdi Omoni, a police representative, told CNN that a woman was recovered by a policeman who had earlier apprehended a man in the city, who had tried strangling her in her sleep in a hotel on Wednesday.

Nnamdi Omoni said “The young woman escaped because she was able to raise the alarm at about 2:00 am. She was sleeping when she suddenly woke up and saw the man who brought her to the hotel charging at her”. He also said that “She was almost dying when the man tried to strangle her”.

Hallmarks of Cultism

Through the month of August till now, dead women have been found in various hotel rooms in Nigeria. The deaths have been found to have the same pattern.


A piece of white cloth is usually found tied around the victim’s waist or neck. This was the statement made by the commissioner of police Mustapha Dandaura on Tuesday.

The police have said that the ongoing killings in Port Harcourt seem to bear all the signs of ‘cultism’.  

The commissioner of police, Mustapha Dandaura, stated that the mode used by the killers was the same. The ladies were usually drugged before they get strangled and then tied by a white cloth on their neck or waist.

He, therefore, noted that it was a part of cultism. He also mentioned that all the women found dead were found intact without any part of their body missing.


Hotels Shutdown

The police in their statement noted that the women murdered were all involved in prostitution within the city.

A man has admitted to one of the killings and has agreed to be in cooperation with the investigators on the killings; the commissioner of police made mention.

A woman notified the police that a man had tried to entice her into agreeing to go with him into a hotel room against her will. This occurred on Monday night and he was arrested, the police noted.

“He has also confessed and given useful clues in our investigation,” Dandaura stated.


On Sunday, another woman was found dead in the same way just like other victims. The hotel where her body was found was shut down by the police. Also, the hotels where two of the female victims were found dead, were also shut down.

Abetting Murder

It was noted that the managers and receptionists of both hotels who were on duty on the days when the killings occurred were apprehended also.

They were both held for different reasons. The receptionists were apprehended on the charges of improper documentation and collection of ID from the suspects, while the managers were arrested for failing to install CCTV cameras in certain locations in the hotels. They were hereby charged with abetting murder in court, Dandaura said.

When the murders started in August, authorities met with hotel operators in the city and told them that security needed to be tightened, by thoroughly verifying and processing clients before being accepted into the hotel, but hotels flaunted the instructions.


Mustapha Dandaura said, “Our problem now is that many hotels are not complying but any hotel that fails this time will be closed’’.

A joint task force has been established to make sure there are adequate checks and policies in place to ensure that women in the city are protected, said the police.

The people residing in Port-Harcourt, which is in the south-Eastern region, are scared stiff. Different groups have taken to the streets during the weekend to champion the giving of safety information to women.

A member of the Port Harcourt Significant Girls, Nengi Jumbo said, “We are also talking to men, so they can watch out for their sisters and wives. Everyone needs to be on alert until they catch these killers.”


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