Nigerians, Their Hate-For-Self, Low Self Esteem, And Double Standards (A Must Read)

Nigerians, Their Hate-For-Self, Low Self Esteem, And Double Standards (A Must Read)

In the past few days, Nigerian social media space, especially Twitter, has gone wild with the praises of the Imam Of Peace. A very good and upright man I must confess. But Nigerians are the worst set of people to stand up for. They prefer a white looking messiah to their own brother.

Nigerians now consider him the greatest asset against the evil that is the Buhari government. Our women and men are now using his pictures as their profile picture. To them, he is the new face of emancipation from a draconian regime.

But they forget that their own brother, Nnamdi Kanu, has done more, and has been doing more in calling out the crimes of Buhari and the Fulani oligarchy. He has languished in jail. He has lost close friends to the Nigerian Army. He has lost his parents to the struggle. And could not even come home to bury them.

But somehow he is a bad person – he is the problem.

I don’t want to remind you of how hated Nnamdi Kanu is among many Nigerians today – Even those now praising the Imam of Peace for doing exactly what Nnamdi Kanu has been doing.

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu On Twitter

They love the foreigner who just started taking swipes at the Buhari led government, but insult and tarnish the image of Nnamdi Kanu who has been fighting against the same government and people for years.

In as much as respect the Imam of Peace, I feel disgusted at the attitude of Nigerians, who are hell-bent on destroying Nnamdi Kanu, his Image, and his family, for doing the same thing they are praising the Imam for.

Even those who have openly said they don’t support the method of “insults” Nnamdi Kanu use are now hailing the Imam for his method of open insult to Buhari, the Fulani oligarchy, their media team, and their supporters.

I respect the work the Imam is doing, and I really appreciate the way he has washed the linen of Buhari and his supporters in public. But what I don’t respect are Nigerians who are singing the praises of “The Iman Of Peace” and have spent over 5years insulting Nnamdi Kanu, and tagging him all sorts of names.

Imam Of Peace
Imam Of Peace On Twitter

To these Nigerians I say: Drop your double standards and stand by your brother who fights for you too.

To his brothers and sisters from the Igbo ethnic group, who have insulted Nnamdi Kanu, and are now praising the Imam of Peace, I say wake up. Wake up from your self-hate and myopia. Wake up and smell the beans – it has been cooking for you for many years, but you were so blind to see it.

With that being said, we want to commend the Imam Of Peace for standing for the Nigerian people who have been left alone to face the storm on their own, during these trying times of the Corona Virus pandemic. Nigeria faces the pandemic with no Presidential/government/professional comfort or presence. Nigeria stands like an orphan in front of a pack of wolves.

Nigerians from all corners of the nation feel that their government is not doing enough to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Their fear is that if the virus escalates to the proportion we see today in Italy, New York, and Spain, that the entire population might be wiped away.

This is because, despite the billions of Niara and dollars that the government has been allocating for medical care in the past, there is little or no materials on the ground to combat the virus. There are no medical facilities that can handle and treat Nigerians at this point. Of course, the leaders of Nigeria are in the habit of travelling abroad for their treatment. They never thought time will come when other nations would shut their airspace and borders.

These fears harbored by Nigerians were increased when rumors spread that the President and some of his cabinet members were flying to Cuba for medical aid, in the heat of the Coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria. So the question Nigerians are now asking is: what happened to the over 20 Billion Niara allocated for the Medical clinic at the Presidential villa?

So, if the Presidential villa does not have the right equipment to tackle the Corona Virus, what is then the fate of the masses with the dilapidated hospitals littered all over the country?

These and many more questions are on the lips of Nigerians. But as they ask these questions, and praise the Imam of Peace for speaking up, they too must recognize the voices who have been standing up against the excesses of the Buhari led administration – voices of men like Nnamdi Kanu.

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