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North Carolina Man Fatally Shoots Black Veteran After Road Rage Accident

North Carolina Man Fatally Shoots Black Veteran After Road Rage Accident

After a road rage confrontation with a white father and son riding in a pickup truck ended with the motorcyclist being shot in the chest, a 32-year-old Black veteran and father of three were shot and killed in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this week.

On Monday, Jan. 3, Stephen Addison was shot by Roger Dale Nobles Sr., 51, as the biker argued with Roger Dale Nobles Jr.

Nobles Sr. allegedly fired at Addison from the driver’s seat of his 1992 Chevrolet pickup after his son got out of the vehicle at a stoplight to confront Addison, according to police.


A bystander captured the altercation on video and sent it to local station WRAL. The footage only shows Noble Jr. standing outside the passenger side of the truck and then walking toward Addison, shot from a distance. When the shotgun blast comes from the pickup, the two appear to be arguing. The argument is not captured on video.

Nobles Jr. walks away without helping Addison after he is knocked unconscious by the blast.

Nobles Sr. was later found at his home by police and Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies. He and his son were apprehended after he was presented with a warrant. Authorities say Nobles Sr. admitted to shooting Addison.

North Carolina Man Fatally Shoots Black Veteran After Road Rage Accident

“They put them in handcuffs, and then it went from there,” one neighbor said. They began looking for the truck.”

The father was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, but the younger Nobles was not charged.


According to the outlet, Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West is reviewing the evidence and is considering filing a hate crime charge.

Two security analysts told the station that Nobles Jr. may have known his father planned to use the weapon after reviewing the six-minute exchange between Addison and Nobles Jr. and analyzing the son’s body language.

“Where he’s actually standing in reference to, what we call in the military, a fatal funnel,” Anthony Waddy of SAV Consulting said. He’s clearly out of the danger zone.”

Nobles Jr. appears to have created a clear path for the shot to hit Addison, according to the analyst, who also notes that the son did not flinch after the shot. Furthermore, Waddy claims that after the man fell to the ground, the son did not turn around as if surprised that his father had fired his gun at the man.


Despite the outpouring of condolences from the community, Addison’s friends and family are still trying to process their loss.

WRAL quoted Justina Hemphill, the former Fort Bragg soldier’s wife, as saying that her husband was a “great guy” whose personality “lit up every room he went into.”

“For anyone, he was a loving, caring guy.” Buddy said, “He stayed out of the way and was never in anyone’s business.” “There will not be one bad word spoken about Stephen,” Justin Cockrell said.

“It’s completely pointless.” Come on, it’s 2022, and we’re still talking about road rage. “For what did I lose my brother?” The friend concluded.


The community has erected a memorial with pictures, candles, and tokens of affection near the spot where he died.

Nobles Sr. is still being held without bond in the Cumberland County jail as police ask for more video.

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