Numerous Private Schools Use Christian Textbooks That Praise the Confederacy and Call Black Activists the Root Cause of Racial Discord

Numerous Private Schools Use Christian Textbooks That Praise the Confederacy & Call Black Activists the Root Cause of Racial Discord

Some private school textbooks teach that Africans enslaved in America arrived via immigration, that the civil rights movement was afflicted by Black supremacist ideology, and that the Black Lives Matter movement is to blame for racial strife.

The Guardian’s enlightening investigation comes at a time when policymakers around the country are debating whether critical race theory and other anti-racist teachings should be taught in American classrooms.

The Christian textbook producers Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, and Accelerated Christian Education all had dozens of textbooks reviewed by The Guardian. In private schools around the country, the publishers are one of the most prevalent suppliers for textbooks.

Although it is unclear how many pupils the books have reached, Abeka claims that its textbooks have reached more than one million students, and Accelerated Christian Education claims that its materials are used in more than 140 countries on its website.

According to one book, Malcolm X was the most prominent “Black supremacist” of the civil rights movement, while another states Nelson Mandela pushed for a “radical affirmative action” system in South Africa.

The “end of slavery in this country was a worthy goal, but much was done in the name of abolition that was as bad as the institution of slavery itself,” according to a section on the Civil War in an Accelerated Christian Education high school textbook.

Slavery is mentioned in a piece about “Black Immigration,” which also mentions that “not all immigrants have arrived to America willingly.”

The novel also understands the hardship of white slaveowners in the South after slavery was abolished.

“The south suffered as a result of radical reconstruction. Many of the old aristocracy and great southern leaders were unable to vote or take government. As a result, state legislatures were brimming with uneducated or inept males. During the crisis, northerners seeking to acquire money or obtain influence flocked to the south… Because of all of these factors, reconstruction resulted in graft, corruption, and wasteful spending.

Many southerners founded underground organizations in response in order to safeguard themselves and their community from anarchy. The Ku Klux Klan was one of these organizations, a secretive gathering of white males who went out at night clothed in white sheets and pointed white hoods.”

A representative from Accelerated Christian Education did not respond to a request for comment from The Guardian.

Without addressing the slavery’s brutality, an Abeka textbook alluded to its economic benefits, saying, “slaves proved to be better investments than indentured servants.”

According to Abeka’s second book, the Black Lives Matter movement is causing tensions between police personnel and civilian populations.

With inflammatory rhetoric, groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) widened the rift between police and citizens, as well as between black and white people, according to the book.

A representative for Abeka declined to comment.

Last year, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” replied to a section in “The American Pageant” that referred to enslaved Africans brought to America as “immigrants.”

“To refer to them (Africans) as immigrants again infers that they decided to come,” Kendi noted, adding, “The African people who were nearly entirely… forced to come and surely did not choose to come to the United States in chains.”

The Africans were included alongside voluntary immigrants from Germany, Scotland, and the Netherlands.


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