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“Old White Male Leadership Has Failed America,” Says Charlamagne Tha God

Old White Male Leadership Has Failed America Says Charlamagne Tha God

Old White Male Leadership Has Failed America Says Charlamagne Tha God

As the presidential elections in America draw near, many leaders and icons of various circles are lending their voices to the campaigns and counter campaigns.

Many African-Americans have insisted that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are two sides of the same coin, which is “White Supremacy”.

Many African Americans believe that racism against Blacks will not stop, no matter which of the two candinates become president.

On “The Breakfast Club” show, Charlamagne That God, responded aggressively to a statement by Joe Biden, saying that “Donald Trump is the first racist president”.

He pointed out to Joe Biden, that in general, “old white male leadership has failed America”.

He reminded Joe Biden and “The Breakfast Club” audience that 12 past United States Presidents owned slaves and that Donald Trump is not the first United States President to be a racist.

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