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‘Our Brother Was Robbed’ – Samuel L. Jackson Calls Out F1 For “Railroading” Lewis Hamilton

Our Brother Was Robbed Samuel L Jackson Calls Out F1 For Railroading Lewis Hamilton

Samuel L. Jackson, a veteran Hollywood actor, has weighed in on the contentious Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in which Lewis Hamilton failed to secure a record-breaking eighth Formula One world championship.

The actor lambasted F1 and the FIA for their disastrous management of the safety car restart at the season finale in Abu Dhabi in an Instagram statement, claiming that it “robbed” Lewis Hamilton of the championship.

“For a full season. We watched Lewis compete with Max for this title fairly and aggressively. Max is an incredible driver. He deserved all his wins this season. But he did not win this championship.”


“Lewis. Our Brother. Was Robbed. For 57.5 laps. He dominated. Sometimes he even leads (sic) by 16 secs according to Red Bull’s own status cards.”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were inseparable on the track from the first race in Bahrain until the season finale in Abu Dhabi in their campaign for the 2021 Formula One world title. They’d be at least a dozen seconds ahead of the rest of the field in most races while battling it out for the position.

Despite multiple instances of bad luck, Verstappen managed to create a comfortable lead over Hamilton coming into the summer break, despite having a superior car in the first half of the season.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, bounced back late in the season after switching to a new engine in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, dominating three races before the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were tied on points heading into Yas Marina, however, the former had more wins than the latter.


On race day, Hamilton took the upper hand immediately, skillfully stealing the lead from Verstappen and establishing a comfortable lead, with enough performance to comfortably keep Verstappen and Red Bull at bay.

Hamilton appeared to be on his way to claiming his eighth world crown. To win the championship, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said his driver required a “miracle.”

A late (and contentious) safety car restart provided Max Verstappen with just that, which he skillfully exploited to win his first world championship, defeating Lewis Hamilton.

F1 rule changes, according to Samuel L. Jackson, unfairly targeted Lewis Hamilton.


Despite F1’s current push to be more inclusive and varied, Samuel L. Jackson believes that the FIA and F1’s regulation modifications always seem to target Lewis Hamilton in particular.

Jackson issued the following statement on Instagram:

“F1 has been on a campaign to bring in a wider and diverse audience. But somehow continues to railroad it’s (sic) only black driver in the sport by making arbitrary last-minute rules that consistently contradict (sic) the previous ones. These rule changes seem to specifically affect (sic) Lewis the most. F1. FIA may not do the right thing… And in that case. They deserve [to] lose us. Fans. In the process.”

Lewis Hamilton is considered one of the finest drivers in Formula One history, having set more records than the majority of the sport’s drivers. He and Mercedes have dominated F1 for the bulk of the turbo-hybrid era (which began in 2014), winning six and eight world titles respectively.


Some members of the Formula One community believe that the 2021 season’s regulation amendments unfairly targeted Mercedes in an attempt to rein in their supremacy. Many fans, on the other hand, believe that most F1 drivers are capable of winning Grands Prix and competing for championships and that having only one team and driver win every year makes F1 boring to watch, especially considering Mercedes’ massive budget in comparison to other, smaller F1 teams.

To create a semblance of parity amongst teams, the FIA has set budget limitations for teams in 2021, limiting them to spend no more than $145 million per (with limited exceptions).

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