Philadelphia Imposes Curfew And Calls In The National Guard Over Protest For Wallaces Murder

Philadelphia Imposes Curfew And Calls In The National Guard Over Protest For Wallace’s Murder

It is so painful to see many Black men go to early graves, through the unrelenting guns of white cops in America.

Sometimes we want to report and keep our people up-to-date with what is happening, but at times like this, we get overwhelmed with pain and anger, and our hands practically vibrate as we try to type.

For how long shall we die in the hands of brutal police men?

For the past three weeks, it has been Nigerian youths protesting police brutality in Nigeria. They only demanded what was right, and they were met with bullets of the Nigerian Army on 20-10-2020. Scores were massacred and their bodies were taken away by the military.

And while we were trying to wrap our heads around that, we saw very disturbing video footage of the police shooting a mentally challenged Walter Wallace to death in front of his family.

The murder of Walter Wallace has sparked outrage and demonstrations in the city of Philadelphia. And amidst the protests, we have seen some very brutal responses from the police, as they chase and beat down protesters.

To crown it all, we have just learned that the National Guard has been called in, by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) and it is to commence at 9 pm this Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on the deployment of the National guard, and what do you think will be fate of those protesting, in the face of military presence and possible aggression?

To get a full story of the deployment of the national guard, go here.

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