Philadelphia To Pay $2M To Woman Dragged & Beaten By Police In Front Of Her Child

Philadelphia To Pay $2M To Woman Dragged & Beaten By Police In Front Of Her Child


Rickia Young, a Black woman who was beaten by police officers after being dragged from her automobile, has received a $2 million settlement from the city of Philadelphia. Her two-year-old toddler, who was with her at the time, was also utilized by the police union for a failed photo-op.

Young was driving home in the early hours of October 27 last year when she mistakenly drove into a big throng of people protesting the execution of Walter Wallace Jr., according to NBC News. The day before, a Black guy was fatally shot by Philadelphia police officers. Following the incident, the city exploded in rioting and looting, according to Face2Face Africa at the time.


Young was attempting to leave the area when she was confronted by officers who smashed her windows with their batons before hauling her out of her car, according to her attorneys.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney issued a statement in response to the settlement, calling the police’ actions that day “simply disgusting” and “inexcusable.”

Kenney continued, “This awful act, which should have never happened to anyone, has only strained the connection between the police force and our communities.”

“The officers’ heinous actions that evening triggered an immediate and thorough inquiry into the incident, as well as personnel discipline and accountability for their heinous actions. I hope that the payment and inquiries into the officers’ behavior provide Ms. Young and her family with some closure.”

The Black nursing attendant, who was with her adolescent nephew and two-year-old kid at the time of the incident, was also handcuffed. Furthermore, cops are said to have separated her from the two boys for several hours, and the hearing aids that Young’s toddler was wearing were apparently misplaced as a result of the altercation. The country’s largest police labor union, The Fraternal Order of Police, published a Facebook photo of an officer holding Young’s son two days after the incident, claiming he got lost during the protests. The image was eventually removed.

According to NBC News, the union captioned the deleted photo, “This child was lost during the violent riots in Philadelphia, wandering around barefoot in an area that was experiencing utter lawlessness.” “In that moment, the only thing this Philadelphia Police Officer cared about was safeguarding this child.” Following the incident, a Philadelphia police officer and a sergeant were reportedly fired for their roles in Young’s treatment.

In a statement, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said, “The behavior that happened throughout the contact between Rickia Young, her nephew, her son, and some of the officers on the scene contradicted the purpose of the Philadelphia Police Department.”

“In reality, officers and supervisors on the scene lost their ability to defuse the situation, and instead of battling crime and the fear of crime, some of the cops on the scene created an environment that scared Rickia Young, her family, and other members of the public.”

Meanwhile, Young’s lawyers are claiming that the payment is insufficient and that all cops engaged in the event should be dismissed and criminal charges launched against them. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Young’s attorneys claimed that over 12 officers were involved in the altercation.

Young’s attorney, Kevin Mincey, stated, “The video to me is evident that more than two cops who were dismissed participated in the physical assault.” “I don’t understand how such people are still allowed to wear the Philadelphia Police Department’s uniform.”

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