Platforms That Provide News on Mortgage Rates in the US

If you are looking to buy a new home or considering refinancing your existing mortgage, it is crucial to stay informed about the current mortgage rates in the US. You can make informed decisions and save thousands of dollars just by understanding the latest trends and fluctuations in interest rates. Thankfully, the mortgage industry boasts of several authentic platforms that provide up-to-date news on mortgage rates in the US. In this article, we have researched and reviewed some of these platforms and how they can be of help to you in your mortgage journey, either as a first-time homeowner or an existing homeowner.

1. Bankrate (

Bankrate is a leading and well-trusted platform that offers abundant financial information and mortgage rates in the US. Their website serves a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to find the latest mortgage rate trends. Bankrate also provides users with a mortgage calculator that gives an estimate of their monthly payments based on various interest rates and loan terms. They also offer expert analysis and insights into the mortgage market, to help potential and existing homeowners stay ahead of the curve.

2. Zillow (

Zillow is known primarily as the most popular real estate marketplace in the US. They offer a wide range of valuable resources for mortgage rate information. You can use the comprehensive mortgage section on the Zillow website to discover and explore current interest rates, compare loan options, and even get personalized quotes from multiple lenders. Zillow’s mortgage calculators help you in estimating your borrowing capacity and also understand the financial obligation and implications of different mortgage terms.

3. NerdWallet (

NerdWallet has gained a reputation as of the best go-to platforms for personal finance advice, and they are exceptional in providing new and existing homeowners with the latest mortgage rate news. They offer you a dedicated mortgage rates section that showcases the latest national average rates, with location-based search options, loan types, and credit scores. NerdWallet’s calculators help you analyze different outcomes such as comparing fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, and determine the best course of action for your specific needs. You can visit their site to get all the required information.

4. The Mortgage Reports (

The Mortgage Reports platform is focused on providing independent mortgage news and advice to intending and existing homeowners. They focus on delivering up-to-date information on mortgage rates and trends. Their platform gives a detailed analysis, expert views, and updates on daily mortgage rates. They also offer you a mortgage calculator that considers factors like credit score, down payment, and loan amount – all of this to help you get an accurate estimate of your monthly payments.

5. Mortgage News Daily (

Mortgage News Daily is a platform that is specifically targeted at mortgage professionals and enthusiasts. While being made for industry insiders, their website also provides valuable resources for anyone interested in mortgage rates in the US. They provide a mortgage rate survey that collects data from a variety of mortgage lenders and gives you the average rate, making it easy to gauge the current market conditions. Mortgage News Daily also features vital news and analysis that can impact mortgage rates, helping you stay informed and make advanced decisions on mortgage rates in the US.

6. LendingTree (

LendingTree is an online lending platform that offers new and existing homeowners a comprehensive mortgage section on their website. They will offer you a personalized mortgage rate quote from various mortgage lenders, allowing you to compare multiple offers and decide the best rates available to you. Lending Tree also offers educational resources and mortgage calculators to help you get a full grasp of the financial aspects of your home loan.

7. Mortgage News Channel (

Mortgage News Channel is a platform that provides news on mortgage news, as the name states, while also providing quotes options, refinance and home equity plans, commercial SBA, and Laon options, among other tools and resources. They offer also offer depth consolidation packages. They offer reverse mortgage loans and have provided the service to about 4 million clients that are 55 years and above, with Homesafe. Their website features current mortgage rates, and also articles, videos, and podcasts covering a wide range of mortgage-related topics. You can subscribe to their Newsletter and follow them on social media to stay informed on the latest mortgage rates in the US.

8. Federal Reserve (

The Federal Reserve’s website is a government website that provided valuable information on economic indicators, such as interest rates. When you visit the “Economic Data” section of the website, you will find historical data on mortgage rates, and also find reports and publications relating to the housing market in the US. The Federal Reserve’s insights and reports can give you a broader and more trusted understanding of the factors influencing mortgage rates in the US.

9. Freddie Mac (

Freddie Mac which is a shortened name for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation is a government-sponsored platform and enterprise that provide stability and liquidity to the mortgage market in the US. Their website has a dedicated section for mortgage rate information, as well as weekly mortgage rate surveys and mortgage rates historical data for the US. Freddie Mac offers you a variety of resources that will give you valuable insight into mortgage rate trends and market conditions.


Being up-to-date with information about mortgage rates in the US is essential when navigating the complex industry of homeownership. The platforms which we have mentioned and analyzed, such as Zillow, Banktree, Nerdwallet, The Mortgage Reports, Mortgage News Daily, LendingTree, Mortgage News Channel, Federal Reserve, and Freddi Mac, are excellent resources to help you stay informed with the latest mortgage rate trends in the US. The tools, calculators, and expert insight these platforms offer are more than adequate to guide you whether you are a prospective homebuyer or a homeowner considering refinancing from lenders.

Please bear in mind that mortgage rates can change frequently, so it’s advised to regularly check these mortgage platforms to compare offers and options from different lenders to ensure you secure the best possible mortgage rates for your housing needs. With the right tools and information at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to wade through the mortgage market and make correct financial decisions about mortgage rates in the US.