Police Kills 14 Year Old Leaving Over 70 Bullet Marks Brazilians Are Outraged

Police Kills 14-Year-Old Black Boy Leaving Over 70 Bullet Marks – Brazilians Are Outraged

The more we scream at top of our lungs for the world to stop killing black people, and respect the value of our lives, the more other races, make it a sport, killing a Black.

Police brutality against black people in America, and the killing of George Floyd, has caused a massive uprising of the Black community in America. Yes, our voice is being heard, and the symbols and institutions of racism is being challenged.

But who will match and protest for the murder of a 14-year old Black boy named João Pedro Matos Pinto?

He was shot dead by military police in his uncle’s house in São Gonçalo, which is a metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. Reports say he was shot in the stomach, by the police who were chasing drug dealers.

The security agents then airlifted the boy in a Civil Police helicopter, and took him to a Firefighter aerial operations center, south of Rio. They also did not inform the boy’s parents before doing this. On arriving at the Fire department center, the doctors declared the boy dead.

Not knowing about the death of their son, Pinto’s family started to look for him that night in various police stations and hospitals. They even created a campaign on various social media networks with the hashtag #procurasejoaopedro.

17 hours later, the family found Pinto’s lifeless body at the Legal Medical Institute of Rio de Janeiro.

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro (PCRJ) claimed that the security guards of the drug dealers fired at them and threw grenades at them, and so they had to return fire.

But the cousin of the dead boy, named Daniel Blaz, gave a totally different side of the story. Blaz witnessed the whole invasion. He said that the police shot firearms, and even threw grenades at Pinto’s home.

Blaz said: “Closest to the door were me and João. There was a buzz. Then they took a lot of shots at the window, and we came out running to the room. We ran to the room, João and Duda were in the pantry, lying down… The police came in, told us to lie on the floor and everyone to shut up.”

Despite the version of the story of the police, the dead boy’s father insisted that the police forged a false version of their action and invasion, stating that the house had 72 bullet holes.

He clearly denied the police story that the criminals invaded his home. He stated clearly: “there were no bandits. They entered the house and threw two grenades, besides the shots. There were only teenagers of the family… João was not on the street in confrontation. He was inside a house, a home. Nobody has the right to enter someone’s home and take the life of a 14-year-old…”

He added “If justice is not done here, God’s will be, but we hope it will be fulfilled here. My son had dreams; he already knew what he wanted. He wanted to be a lawyer and he was able to do that. A son with good grades, a boy 100%.”

parents - Rafaela e Neilton Matos, pais de João Pedro
João Pedro’s parents Rafaela and Neilton Matos via blackwomenofbrazil.co

Many people and circles in Brazil have demanded the death penalty for the security agents who is responsible for the murder of the 14-year-old. Also, other state authorities have demanded a full report from the police to determine what needs to be done for justice’s sake.

Just like America, the police in Brazil only show and use brute force when engaging with citizens in Black communities. The police won’t enter the middle-class white community and start shooting and throwing grenades.

It is a pity that while the world moves forward and borders are collapsed in a global village, racists are determined to keep the demarcations between white and black people, and are ready to kill Blacks at any provocation.






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