Police Shoots Innocent Black Milwaukee Man Handcuff His Wife And Children While Chasing Another Man

Police Shoots Innocent Black Milwaukee Man, Handcuff His Wife And Children While Chasing Another Man

“They must first admit to any misconduct.” “They haven’t accepted responsibility for their acts in this process,” said Tari Davis, 43, who was shot by a Milwaukee cop pursuing another guy on Sept. 8, 2019.

Police were attempting to apprehend a man who had eluded a traffic stop minutes before the incident. The suspect dashed to Davis’ house; the two men were acquaintances.

“I got to my back door, and it swings towards me, and I looked down to see who the person was, and then I looked up, and there’s the flash, gunfire, and I’m feeling the agony, I’m hurting, and it’s agonizing pain,” Davis explained.

Davis’ family, including his four teenage children, were held and handcuffed while he was being treated for his gunshot wound. Davis was not charged, and the officer who was involved was fired from the Milwaukee Police Department, but his search for justice is still ongoing two years later.

Davis claims that police still have his cellphone and are hesitant to release all of the body camera footage. “The difficult part is realizing they’re trying to do what I believe they’re trying to do, which is cover this up as much as possible,” he explained.

Davis has maintained pressure on police and city officials by launching a website documenting his case and holding multiple press briefings since the shooting. Davis filed a federal civil rights complaint against the city of Milwaukee in November 2019, demanding compensation for the harm inflicted by police.

The Milwaukee Police Department was contacted by Atlanta Black Star for comment on Davis’ case.

“The Milwaukee Police Department does not have an official remark on this incident since there is pending litigation,” it said in a statement. The officer who was involved in the officer-involved shooting was fired from the Milwaukee Police Department.”

“Because of the pending federal court complaint brought by Mr. Davis, it would be inappropriate for any city official to make a remark outside of that venue,” the Milwaukee Mayor’s Office informed Atlanta Black Star in a statement.

Davis’ lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Davis claims he has not received a response or an apology from local leaders or the police department. Davis attends weekly rehabilitation programs, and his family also attends counseling sessions on a regular basis.

“I have children who need treatment because they sat through it, experienced it, and seen it with their own eyes. “I have two kids who, for the first time in their lives, felt hard, cold steel shackles tightly around their wrists,” Davis added.

When Davis’ federal lawsuit is ultimately resolved, he hopes that, in addition to receiving compensation, his case will force police to increase their level of accountability and openness so that no one else has to go through what he went through.

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